Thursday, April 24, 2014

A brief trip South

A few weeks ago, we took a quick trip down to the Charleston, South Carolina area to visit my inlaws. It was very nice to see my husband's family and spend some time with them. It was also so nice to be in the warm sun and hit the reset button on the winter-blues.

Julianna loves the beach. She hugged us all and thanked us for bringing her to the beach! 
This girl takes after us 100% with loving the warm outdoor weather. 

Collecting shells 

Rare family shot! Too bad Tyler was facing the other way! 

Daddy & Tyler selfie! 

She thought nothing of sitting right on the wet sand and digging in! 

More shell collecting. 

Tyler was touching the sand and deciding if he liked it. 
He then tried to put it in his mouth... and mama picked him right up and he was done with the sand after 6 seconds! 

Me & my little boy! 
A rare shot of me ... for those that ask :) 

He did not like the sand on his feet - I put him down and he lifted them right out of the wet stuff! 

Walking the beach. 

Running.... running... running! So much fun! 

We went to a local festival and Tyler fell asleep in Daddy's arms (in the pack!) 

Ooh I forgot to resize this one - Daddy & Julianna browsing the festival. 

Julianna discovered Sidewalk chalk. 
Too bad we don't have sidewalks here; she really had a blast with this! 

Hop-scotch on the driveway, with baby giraffe in hand! 

She also discovered the soccer ball! She wanted to play all weekend! 
Guess we'll get her one for her birthday next month! She'll be so happy. 

We had a great time, but it was a long drive there and back - 16 hours each way, with many many stops. I think we will fly next time!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite recipes

Here are some of my absolute favorite recipes lately since we've started eating a lot 'healthier'.
Eating real {organic}food & healthy doesn't mean you have to give up taste. Go here to see what changes we've made as a family to our lives due to food!  Click Here to read about the small changes I've made lately that are making a big difference.

  • This Chicken Piccata is to die for. I am a huge fan of Piccata anything, but not a fan of the fattening sauce and calories that go with it. I decided to try this recipe half-heartedly because I thought it couldn't possibly be as good as the real thing that I used to make with 8 tbsp of butter and 4 tbsp of olive oil!  Well I was wrong. It was incredible. p.s. this website has some incredible recipes! 
  • I never made or tasted vegetable tacos until I tried this delicious recipe for Roasted Vegetable & Black Bean Tacos. Holy cow these are seriously incredible - and the taste is amazing! I can not say it enough how incredible these are! Try them out. I promise you will love them.
  • If you like buffalo chicken anything - but not the fattening sauce & wings, then you can try this recipe. It is seriously incredible. My husband, who loves buffalo wings, fell in love with these healthy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce wraps. No kidding! Check it out - and you make it in the crock pot, even better! 
  • I have started making my own salad dressings lately. I love Blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I found this recipe for incredible Blue cheese dressing when I made the above Chicken wraps. Holy moly it is so tasty, creamy and blue-cheesy... and not super artery clogging either! Love it. 
  • We've been trying to eat more fish lately. I found this incredibly healthy & fresh recipe for Flounder Milanese. The arugula & lemon mix makes this recipe. This is the first recipe I used my home made breadcrumbs on. Yum. Make it for your next fish recipe. My husband loved this one too. Well, he likes anything I make! 
  • We've been trying to eat more vegetables as part of our daily regimen. Luckily Brian and I both love salad, so we've been having big salads for dinner at least once a week. This Avocado Strawberry Spinach salad is so full of taste, flavor and color! We put a big star by it for meals to bring on the boat this summer! Oh and the poppyseed dressing is incredible. I make this for my regular lunch salads because it is so good. This is a keeper! 
  • I like rice. Yup I do. Fried rice is even better... but let's face it, fried rice is.... just that- Fried. Not healthy. Well.... guess what. I found this super duper (healthy) Fried Rice recipe that I could just eat every single night. The smell of it cooking alone sold me! Try it - you won't regret it. 

p.s. I am down 25 pounds ... from eating just 'real' food. No low-fat, fat-free, fake sugar, or processed stuff. 

Can you share some favorite recipes or healthy websites you frequent? 
I would love to try some new ones!


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