About Us

Who am I ?? 

I originally started my blog in June of 2010 to talk about being an older "First Time Mom"... but it has now transformed into so much more. I share stories about my daughter Julianna, my son Tyler, and my husband Brian in just about every post, however, I incorporate my {somewhat ambitious and awkward} photography now as well. 

In following along with so many other Mammarazzi's out there, I purchased my first DSLR in April of 2011, and hit the ground running. I am soaking up everything I can to learn about shooting, I shoot in Manual all the time and I practice, practice, practice.... (as the old adage goes!). I've been taking online classes, had some professional mentoring, and even signed up for a local photography club (for walkabouts). 

I am trying learning to be a better photographer and share my experiences & photos. I love submitting photos to photography challenges and sharing with other "newbies" like me. I have even sold a few photos unintentionally!  I have also made some terrific "Mom-Photographer-Blog" friends along the way too!

About Us

Skye .... 39 yr old first time mom. I was perfectly happy with just having a dog & a husband. I never really wanted kids at all & the thought of a screaming pooping baby made me cringe. When Brian and I got married in 2007, I started to think about it... and then something just clicked; I wanted a baby. What happened?! And our beautiful baby girl Julianna was born in May of 2010.  You can contact me directly @ Skyefillmore@gmail.com or use the "Contact Me' Form in the top of my blog. 

Some random things about me:

  • My daughter, son and my husband complete my life (yeah, I know that is sooo Jerry McGuire, but too bad, it's true!) 
  • I am the world's biggest NY Yankees fan. I live for baseball season & try not to miss a game! 
  • Our dog Pepper always goes with us on vacation.
  • I am Mama-razzi. 
  • I am a computer & tech gadget geek. (including my blackberry which I can't live without!) 
  • I love my Canon T2i camera & my 50mm lens!  
  • I can not function without coffee in the morning. 
  • I love my hair. 
  • Can't live without my Clinique moisturizer and MAC Lip gloss
  • Chirping birds are the most serene & peaceful thing to listen to. 
  • I love warm weather, the beach & nature. 
  • I'm a Law & Order junky. The original & SVU. 
  • I transform into a little kid at Christmas time. 
  • I will NEVER drive a Mini-van. Never. Ever. Never. 
  • Brian and I have our sites set on the Carolina's when/if we can sell our house here in NJ. 
  • Added - As of August 2015, we moved just north of Charlotte, NC - and loving life here! 
  • I bring my camera with me whenever & wherever I can. 
My husband:
Brian .... 7 years younger than me. (yes I robbed the cradle!) He is the world's best husband. Any of my friends & family will tell you the same. I am the luckiest girl ever! No lie.

Our daughter:
Julianna Belle - born in May of 2010, 7 lbs 10 oz & 20.5 inches. Cutest baby ever. Of course.

Julianna in 2010

Julianna in 2015 

Our Son 
Tyler Andrew - Born May 2013, 6 lbs 15 oz, 19.5 inches long. 
Tyler was born with a Congenital Heart Defect, called TAPVR, which makes him a very special little boy right off the bat. He had open heart surgery at 8 days old. 
His heart story --->> start HERE. 

Tyler in 2013 

Tyler in 2015 

Our dog:
Pepper .... Our crazy Jack Russell / Doxie mix. 

Other Stuff 

Brian and I met in 2001... Married in 2007. My husband is so happy and the proudest father there ever was! He is loving life with his little baby girl, baby boy & me. I feel like Julianna & Tyler completed us as a family. We were very happy before, but the fulfillment that comes from being parents is so much more amazing. It's something you couldn't have described to me before we had Julianna. That's why I started my blog! He is also wonderful for the fact he supports my crazy habit of lugging my camera out with us everywhere! Luvvvv-ya honey!!!!



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  1. I thought we were going to be friends but then I realized you're a Yankees fan....oh boy.


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