Monday, November 24, 2014

Vacation Pictures - Fenwick Island Part 3

And finally the 3rd post for our vacation pictures... From July!
Here is Part 1 and Part 2 in case you missed it.
I realized when writing up this post that I take so many pictures of my daughter and not enough of my son. Why? Because she stays in one place for more than 2 seconds!

The only way to get to the beach ... by water! 

Love this girl! 

Siblings playing together in the sand

Our kids love the beach 

Best day ever... 

Love Tyler's little hat

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever of Julianna! 

Julianna loves the sand

Water fight 

I forget the name of this ride but I think Julianna went on 3 times! She's under the "Ruby" seat. 

Look at the happiness on these kid's faces! 

Tyler is THE man! 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vacation pictures - Fenwick Island, DE (part 2)

OK don't laugh. I have not posted anything since September! With 2 kids and a super busy schedule and working full time, I really just find I do not have the time to blog anymore. I have thought a lot about just stopping cold turkey, but then I thought about why I did this in the first place. I wanted to document my kids & their first few years growing up. It's wonderful to look back at the posts I did when Julianna was a baby and read them. For that reason alone, I will keep up with this when I can. I want them to have a place to go see everything from when they were babies too.

So with that said, here is part 2 of our vacation pictures from this summer in Fenwick Island. Enjoy.
Part One was here in case you missed it.

Daddy & Julianna standing on the shoal that we anchored on in the bay. 

Another view of the shoal - you just pull your boat up and anchor! This was the best! 

Julianna collecting shells - our boat in the background. 

Daddy with Tyler and Grandma.

Tyler with his Shark hat on (Shark-nado!) 

Daddy walking with Tyler... 

Me and Tyler. I am super classy with the beer in hand while holding my son! 

Julianna collecting shells on the sand shoal in the middle of the bay. 

Collecting shells again ... 

Family shot on the boat 

Those folks have clearly done this before! 

Us again 

Julianna writing in the sand

Brian was brave & grabbed a horseshoe crab

Osprey nest 

Tyler playing in the sand! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vacation to Fenwick Island, DE (Part 1)

I finally finished editing my pictures from our summer vacation to Fenwick Island, DE!
Two months too late - oh well! Things get done a little slower around here with 2 small children. Here are the first batch of pictures. For those of you that don't know, Fenwick Island is located about 20 minutes north of Ocean City, MD. We had a fun vacation and will probably end up back there next year, it's a great area for families & kids. Fenwick is quiet and peaceful, yet so close to the Ocean City Boardwalk and tons of other things to do. Most of the pictures below are from the rainy and cooler days we were there. Sunny pictures to come in the next post.

Brian and Tyler on the Ocean City Boardwalk 

Where we stayed (our townhouse is on the right)

Every morning, we had beautiful herons out in the marsh 

I forget the name of this bird, but he was so cool with his long orange beak!

Cloudy & rainy day = bubble blowing day 

View from our bedroom balcony - I love this shot (we brought our boat with us) 

Sibling Love

Osprey nest 

My little girl posing for the camera

Egret Island 

Such beautiful wings

View from our balcony in the morning 

Pepper's favorite spot to sleep 

Happy boy on the bed with Pepper. I just realized he has so much more hair now - just 2 months later! 


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