Julianna Belle - Born May of 2010 - 7 lbs 10 ozs - 20.5 inches

Proud Daddy holding his baby girl

Feeding Julianna after she was born

Locked & loaded - Heading Home

First Car Ride home from the hospital 

Daddy & Pepper checking Julianna out in her crib

A Few Professional Photos

That was then ... 

This is now...


  1. Aww! Our lil ones are only two days apart! She is precious!

  2. Love her cheeks as a newborn, already so chubby!

  3. Branson - Somehow I missed your comment here - SOrry about that! That is so cool! This is th ebest age now (8 mos!) - I love it!

    Alicia - Thanks!! She certainly did have those chubbers then! haha! :)

  4. these pictures make my heart ache! what a beautiful baby girl you have!!


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