Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catch up!

Here are some catch up photos from the last month -

One day when Julianna wasn't feeling well - she was laying on Daddy's lap looking very pathetic!

Julianna has a new friend & she's a few months older than her and loved her!
She was so cute giving her kisses on the cheek! 

Julianna with her bathing suit on and her cover up - ready to go swimming in the pool on July 4th! 

Pretty girl with the pretty eyes! 

Julianna in her baby pool on Grandma's deck! She loved her baby pool! 
And... we finally have enough hair for pigtails! 

 Daddy & Jules walking around!

Julianna at the pool wrapped up in her towel.

Flowers in my mother-in-law's garden 

 Another flower in my MIL garden.

Brian being silly with my sun hat on at the pool! 

Happy Jules!! 

Julianna loves the "Splash Pad" at the pool. 

Me & Julianna walking through the sprinklers at the splash pad! 

For a week, we were wondering what was eating our tomatoes. We thought maybe a bird or squirrel. We were wrong. We caught this fat furry groundhog red-handed. He was munching on a nice big green tomato! He came back the next day to get the last 2. He nicely sat his fat butt on my flower pot as he ate his tomato buffet! I was so mad but I had to laugh because it's too funny! 


  1. Glad you are back! I have so many things to comment on your previous post, seems like our girls are still right on track with each other!

  2. Yay!! You're back!! You have the best animal-in-my-garden stories! Stinkin' groundhog! And Julianna is just gorgeous. You are going to have your hands full when she's a teenager!


  3. pretty eyes is right! your daughter is just gorgeous. and the photo of the groundhog is too adorable for words :)

  4. Wow sorry I did not get back to any of you until now!!

    Alicia - Yes it does seem our girls are in the same petterns from what I read ;)

    Carla - Thanks! I know! Daddy is dreading when she gets older LOL!

    Kimia - Thank you ... our little groundhog has eaten every single darn tomato we have! He's cute but ... enough's enough already! haha!


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