Monday, July 22, 2013

You can't forget about the fun stuff

...But first, a potty training update...

I will be the first to admit, I didn't expect Julianna to do so well potty training. I wasn't 100% sure that she would really take to it even though we talked about it for a few weeks leading up to this past week. Actually by Tuesday morning, I was ready to give up. Julianna was fighting me over going to the potty and I was ready to put her back in diapers. Then it clicked for her. I called my girlfriend to bitch about my 'almost failed' potty training... and as I was having my own personal meltdown. As that was going on, Julianna went in the bathroom and went potty on her own and announced it to me! She was SO proud of herself and wanted her sticker and 5 coins - of course I obliged right away! That was it... she hasn't had an accident since last Tuesday morning! The key with her is to not bother her about going {control freak!} - she tells us when she needs to go pee and she does it on her own. She was indeed ready thank goodness!

I ventured out of the house on Thursday and put a pull-up on over her underwear 'just in case' - and she was dry when we got home! I got that idea from my bloggy friend Kim at Granthamania (THANK YOU!!!!)
Then after that, I worked on getting her to go on the potty while we were out - she went at BabiesRus because I bought THESE for her and she loved the idea of having a special seat. After that, we went out Friday night, Saturday and Sunday - she told us that she had to go potty and we would bring her to go. She even now goes on the small potty on the boat! HOORAY!!
She had some false  alarms where she froze up and couldn't do it, but then we would try again later and she went! She loves the seat covers (thank goodness because as you know I am super germ-phobe mama!).

We promised her a scooter when she was potty trained - so we took her to ToysRUs Saturday to pick out her own scooter. She picked out this one and LOVES it! She is so proud of herself!
Did I mention we did all this training with a 9 week old here too?! LOL! I am a glutton for torture!

All this talk lately of heart surgery, potty training hell, support groups, and mommy losing her mind... I thought "now" was a good time to put some pictures out there of fun times. We spend a lot of time out on our boat ... so it would only seem normal if all my summer pictures are from there too!

Our Marina 

Daddy & Julianna 


Relaxing day. 
Anchored... eat lunch... feed Tyler... swim...all comfortable under the shade. 

Julianna loves swimming 

Mama loves relaxing. 


Captain Mommy. 

Now for some Iphone pics 

Leisurely evening cruise

Captain Daddy.

My baby boy Tyler! 

Julianna and Tyler 


  1. Love that sassy pic of Julianna with her hand on her hip. So excited you have a potty trained little miss. It's hard work. You deserve some R&R now.

  2. Congrats on the potty training!! Wonderful pictures! :)

  3. Congrats on the success - we're waiting until P is closer to 3 to start potty training although she has done it a few times already. Our daycare introduces it. She is just so adorable btw - love that hair and her gorgeous smile.

  4. You and Brian are admirable. That you can have fun family time on the boat and have such a happy daughter -- who is potty trained -- is fantastic, while at the same time dealing with a beautiful baby with health problems.

    And your daughter is having fun, too.

    Love her new scooter and her fashions -- colorful, coordinated, lovely.

    1. thank you! Family time is sooo important to us even if yardwork gets neglected (which it totally has this summer- i need to hire a landscaper if I could afford it haha!)


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