Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Photos - Part 1 - Lowering of Lake Hopatcong

So let me give some details on what is going on in these pictures. A few weeks ago, I got some time to go out and take some pictures before sunset by the lake (Lake Hopatcong). Not only did I have a beautifully colorful night for it, but I got some neat pictures of the "5 Year Drawdown". What's the 5 year drawdown - You ask? Well, our lake gets drawn down 5 feet every 5 years, in order to allow lake front home owners and businesses to make repairs to their docks. The drawdown started around September 23rd and finished at 5 feet down on october 31st. It will stay down until sometime in December when the switch gets flipped on to allow it to start filling up gradually until springtime. I took these pictures when the lake was about 3 feet down. 
Let's hope it comes back up enough to put our boat in the water by April! When the last drawdown happened, there was a 'mistake' combined with a draught - it took until the end of June for the lake to return to normal, causing many businesses to suffer due to lack of tourism and incoming money (marinas, restaurants, etc). The 5 foot drawdown also allows for a large scale cleanup to happen, which Brian and I are taking part in this Saturday (pictures for sure!). 

This is a very small cove by the sanctuary up by Northwood section of the lake. It is usually about 3 feet deep in the summertime. It emptied out rather quickly since it's so shallow. The main lake is just beyond the red house in the back.  

A small cove next to the Raccoon Island Ferry Launch. Empty. 

This is the Raccoon Island Ferry launch.
Raccoon Island is about 50 acres with roughly 50 homes on the island, accessible only by boat or car ferry. 

I think I might frame this one - I'm looking for some cool photos to frame for my office/dining room. 

Looking out to the right from the Raccoon Island Ferry Launch - out to Henderson Cove. During boating season, we come through this little area on our way in and out from our marina most days. 

Same area, different angle. Can you tell I was LOVING this sunset that night?!

Sunset....... Loving it. 

The other cove next to the ferry launch - empty. I like how all the rowboats are still tied up - those are the 'shuttles' for the folks over at Raccoon Island. I took a lot of shots from this area on that night - however, there are so many areas by the lake that offer beautiful settings and photo opportunities. I will be going back this week hopefully to take some more before all of the leaves are gone! 

Marina up by Northwood. 

Sunset. Again. I can't help it. 

Main Lake Market. Our favorite Sunday morning Summertime hang out. 


  1. Very beautiful. Thank you for posting these photographs. Love the shots of the lake, the trees and the sunset.
    Although I'm in the Big City, with not much changing foliage around, I feel quite satisfied now that I've seen the beautiful trees here.

  2. The picture full of boats would look awesome in a frame!


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