Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking a break for the holidays & my sanity

I will be taking a break from blogging ... as if my lack of blogging for the last 3 weeks hasn't given that away! There is so much going on here at home and I am trying to get my ducks in a row but can't seem to get it in a groove yet. I am very overwhelmed and having a really hard time adjusting to two kids along with working full time and everything else going on still....and too many doctor's appointments lately too! I don't have time for much and then throw in the holidays; that is an added stress. Did I mention we had to replace our wood stove and now we need a new chimney - woohoo! Bonus stress.

So for now I bid you Adieu. I will be back in January with a fresh mind and some new topics. My main reason I started blogging and will continue to blog is to document both of my kid's childhood & milestones. Tyler is almost 7 months old and I want to catch up documenting his first year so we can go back and read about it like I already do with Julianna. I also like sharing my photos as well. I'll be back. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I leave you with some pictures from the last month .... see you soon!


Tyler's personality totally - Mr. Happy! 

Serious face. 

Together at the park .. when we still had leaves and warmer weather! 

Love my girl! 

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  1. Your children look so lively and happy!

    Enjoy your holidays and try to just let a lot of stressors go by the wayside. I'd say housework, in particular, doesn't have to be taken care of immediately.
    Decorations don't have to be perfect, and Santa can always make a return trip later on with extra items he wasn't able to load into his sleigh the first
    time around. See if someone else could help out with some chores.

    The main thing is to enjoy your beautiful children. They will be happy with the holidays, even if Santa and the elves can't do everything perfectly
    and on the dot.

    Have a great holiday!


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