Monday, September 12, 2011

I will never forget.

It's been 10 years.
I will never forget. Never.
I live in the NYC area and still, 10 years later, I have many raw emotions and feelings about that horrific day.
It still hurts.

I watched the entire ceremony Sunday morning.
My heart broke for the young children that read the name of their own parents who perished - and then said "I love you daddy". Those parents never got to see their children grow up. They were robbed. I made sure to enjoy the day with my family, and it reminded me how lucky we all truly are.

(This was a picture of the flag I took at the Yankee game last month)

 This is one of my favorite photos from 9/11. It symbolizes so much more than they could have ever known at the time!

God Bless.

Edit: 12pm est - Adding this link to a nice blog entry posted about 9/11 - check this out when you get a minute. It's worth the read.


  1. Can't even imagine living in that area and what an impact it must have been for you. I have recorded some of the specials from the weekend, but just haven't been able to watch them yet. My heart aches for all those children.

  2. It was a very sad day for America. It is hard to believe 10 years has feels like yesterday. I like that many are turning the 9-11anniversary into a day to do public service and to show kindness towards. It is a way to honor those lost lives.

    Thanks for the link up to my blog, Skye!


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