Thursday, September 8, 2011

Look! It's Bunny!

A funny thing happened last week. When we were staying in a hotel due to our power outage from the Hurricane, we went to IHOP for lunch. We usually bring a stuffed animal in with Julianna so she has something to play with while we're there. We brought her pink Bunny into IHOP on that day. Bunny hung out with Julianna and kept her company until our food arrived. So we ate a good lunch... paid our bill, and left. (IHOP has a great children's menu!)

Last Friday night,  we decided to go back to IHOP for dinner (we're real wild & crazy people as you can tell!). As we were waiting to be seated, Julianna was looking over my shoulder very eagerly and pointing at something over and over... and making the cute squeaking noise that she makes when she wants something. She was very determined to point & show us WHAT she saw.
So I turned around... Low & behold, there was BUNNY! Ah! It then occurred to me that Bunny must not have made it out of IHOP a few days earlier when we dined there for lunch. I guess Bunny was left behind, and some nice person brought him up to the front in case the child that lost it came looking for it. Well she sure did. She saw Bunny and pointed him right out sitting up on top of the cooler behind the register. I promptly asked the host for Bunny and said we must have left him there the other day. Julianna grabbed Bunny with all her might and snuggled with him for a long time. She was not going to leave Bunny behind this time. We ate a good dinner... paid our bill, and left... this time with the much loved little pink Bunny!

On a side note, being the germ-phobe mama that I am, it occurred to me that Bunny might have been inadvertently rubbed in raw meat, greasy nastiness, or even a sick child snotting him up. I hid Bunny when we got back in the car, and dropped him in the washing machine the minute we got home.
Bunny is fluffy, clean and back home resting comfortably since his rescue in IHOP.


  1. Rubbed in raw meat? Haha.
    This is a great story.

  2. I'm so glad that you found your pink bunny safe and sound. Your story has a much happier ending than our story of 'tickle monkey.' Good thinking by washing him, too.

  3. Cute blog! I love that mum mum pic! Aren't those the best snacks!?


  4. Why wouldn't Bunny be dipped in everything imaginable??? Glad Julianna was able to be reunited with her Bunny :)

  5. Thanks everyone - and yes tiny team - Mum mums are the best!

  6. This story is the best!!! I would have done the same with washing Bunny!


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