Sunday, March 18, 2012

Picnic at the park

Last weekend was wonderful. Yeah, I am a week behind on things! Brian and I went to our normal "Friday night Family dinner" at Franks Pizza by our house. Oh and, yeah, we took away the binkie successfully this weekend. It's gone forever. In case you missed it, read about it HERE.

Saturday was cold (45 degrees). What a perfect day for shopping. "Sleeper Sofa" shopping to be exact. We were "those" people in the furniture store. We shopped while our cave-kid ran all over and climbed all over the showroom furniture and squealed. She even threw in a meltdown too. We got "the stare" from everyone. We couldn't wait to pick something out, grab our jumping bean kid, and get out of there Haha!
Saturday night, we took Nana (my mom) out to dinner and had a nice meal at Applebees. It's not gourmet, but hey, it's kid friendly. We like it.

Sunday was a much warmer day- about 62 degrees. So we packed up Pepper (our dog), Julianna and lunch ... and went to the dog park first. Then we drove to a local county park (Schooley's Mountain Park) for a picnic lunch. We spread out a blanket on the grass and ate lunch - Julianna ran around and explored everywhere. It was so fun seeing her investigate. Everything is so new to her. We ate lunch, and then wandered around with Pepper-dog and Julianna. We walked down to the playground where Julianna made friends with 3 year old twins. It was such a beautiful day and a fun afternoon to say the least!

Hey now, you're a rock star.......

And she knows it... 

Eating snacks with Daddy ... Mmmm apples & carrots 

Julianna loves apples 

Daddy running with Pepper to see Julianna

Julianna stealing some more snacks 

Julianna checking out the 3 year old boy on the jungle gym

Some guy blowing enormous bubbles to entertain the kids with 

Daddy pretending he was a monkey hanging upside down (We're lucky that didn't end with a trip to the E.R.) 

"You lookin for me?"

My pretty baby

Rare Mommy & Daughter picture. {Very rare}


  1. Looks like a fun day. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and you will get more trips to the park. I am going to email you!

  2. Holy Moly...that is one heck of a bubble you photographed there! Awesome. Looks like a fun happy we have such beautiful weather to take advantage of :)

  3. Looks like a great day! Love that big bubble! And the pic of your daughter eating the apple is precious! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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