Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Binkie. Spring. Weight Loss. Cave Kid.

So this is one of those weeks where I have a few things going on, and I'm going to lump it into one post here!

Bye-Bye Binkie
We have a big weekend coming up. It will go down in history as "The weekend we rid Julianna of the Binkie!" {hopefully}. This child loves her Binkie. She is addicted to it. At 21 months, we feel it is starting to affect her speech possibly... and not to mention the obvious, she's just getting too old (in my opinion). She (we) need to stop being so dependent on it. I will be the first to admit, we created this mess. We never limited her at all - and now we are paying dearly. I am so terrified to take it away but we think it's the right time. It will be a rough couple of days, but I think in the end, it will be worth it! I have always heard it is more of a crutch for mommy & daddy (safety net) and 'they' might be right. We might suffer worse than her! I'll keep you all updated. Wish us luck. We are planning a full weekend of total distractions to get her mind off the "B: word!

Spring is here (sort of) 
I know it's not spring technically. But Mother Nature clearly has other plans. This week, we are supposed to hit 68 degrees. In March. I'll take it. I see Robins and Cardinals all over. I guess no one told them it's still Winter. This weekend, the clocks are getting pushed ahead, and to me that means Spring is here too! I love getting out of work and having a few hours of daylight. Yeah baby!  Spring training baseball has started. This also signifies spring in a huge way for me! Go Yankees.

Weight Loss Update
So I mentioned a while back, around the New Year that my husband and I were going to start eating better and following Weight Watchers. Well, it is now the beginning of March and I have lost 14 lbs. This is a big accomplishment for me. I still have a long. way. to. go.    But - so far so good. My husband is also doing very well with his weight loss. We are feeding off each other - and are each other's support system. That helps sooo much! If I keep going this way, I should be down 30 by summer. Yeeehawww. Certainly not even close to bikini weight (which I already have accepted that I will never put one on again as long as I live)... but it will give me the courage to go to the pool/beach and not feel humiliated by how I look, and actually not be mortified out in public thinking everyone is staring at me wondering why the fat chick is eating ice cream.

Happiest Toddler on the Block: (How to Eliminate Tantrums and Raise a Patient, Respectful, and Cooperative One- to Four-Year-Old)
I just started reading the "Happiest Toddler on the Block" book. I really liked "Happiest Baby on the Block" when Julianna was an infant. It helped us get through that infamous "witching hour" that most babies go through. So now that Julianna is 21 (almost 22) months old... she is hitting that stage where it's so up & down... hot & cold all the time. Happy one minute, whiny and end of the world the next minute. Well, you know how it is.

Overall, I feel Julianna is a pretty happy kid - but let's face it, she is of "that age" where things can become difficult very fast. This book so far is giving me some great ideas & ways to handle those "difficult" times (since I am pretty much clueless). I am not one of those people that raised 15 brothers & sisters or nieces & nephews... I came into parenthood clueless. And yes, I have learned a lot, but for me, I need textbook guidance on some things. I am a huge researcher. I'll let you know how it's going.

So far, my favorite line in the beginning of the book is this: "Toddlers aren't mini-adults, or even mini-big kids. They're more like uncivilized cave-kids."  Now that's classic. And heck yeah, it fits. So anyway, this book then goes on to guide you on how to deal with your cave kid. I even nick-named Julianna: Cave Kid. I like it.

Julianna (cave kid) loves the park. I can't wait until it gets warmer so we can go after work every night! 
She is very un-cave-kid-like outdoors. I think she gets bored inside our teeny little house. Hell, I know I do!

Running at the park. Soon we can go without coats hopefully! 

I love this Mickey Mouse shirt we got for her at Target. It has a sequin bow-tie. I mean, really, how cute can you get?!

Mmmmm Cheerios. 

Julianna loves to sit on top of our ottomans and eat her Cheerios in the morning... while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (when Mommy & Daddy get ready for work). 

 Steal of the Century. I bought this tunnel/tent combo set at Kohls the other day for 7.99 on clearance. (And an additional 20% off and 15% off! It was almost free!). Julianna was weary of the tunnel at first because she did not know what to do... but then she figured out she had to climb through it. She only did it once, but we plan on breaking this out this weekend and setting up the tent! Can't wait! 

This is what it looks like: 


  1. So much going on!! Good luck with the binky, very curious to hear how it goes! I know we are so lucky that Kylie weaned herself off hers. Congrats on the weight loss, that is awesome! I've been working on it also and know how hard it can be. Thanks for sharing about the book....I read the baby one, but never even thought about the one for toddlers! We have had days where it is full blown tantrums and I'm scared to even leave the house with her. LOVE the Minnie shirt!

    1. Thanks, we are crossing our fingers the binky will be gone for good! Lucky you that Kylie weaned herself off! Wow! I'll let you know how that book is. So far, it has some good stuff! :)

  2. 14 pounds, way to go! Good luck with the binkie farewell, I've heard if you poke a hole in it with a pin it isn't as fun to suck anymore and some lose interest. And that tunnel/tent looks like fun, what a steal!

    1. Yes! We are thinking of poking the hole in all of them and see if she loses interest on her own... (Yeahhhh right!! LOL)

  3. Skye I commend you and Brian on giving up the paci this weekend. Please let me know how it goes. Although Jake only uses his at bedtime, I still havent taken it away. We need to.....Good luck!!

    Also congrats to you and Brian on the weight loss. You go guys!!!

    1. I'll keep you in the loop ... you might actually hear her screaming from your house LOL!

  4. Congratulations on your weight lost! yoo hoo! Julianna looks BIG in those last pictures. She is getting an older look. I know you probably don't want to hear that. :))
    Enjoy this weeks weather!

    1. Thanks, yeah, she sure is getting "older" looking. I was checking out some pictures of her from when she was a baby and I can't believe how she has changed and how much she has grown...

  5. nice job on the 14 lbs!!!!! :) :)

    you are a brave, brave woman taking on The Binkie....braver than i...good luck! i'll be thinkin' about you :) hopefully, she'll be a champ about it. she is seriously way too precious for words!

  6. You go mama! That is awesome, I need to bite the bullet & just start eating better too. Uggg... last night after I had a yummy bowl of mint chocolate chip I said this is my last bowl.... gonna work out tomorrow! YAhhh. Haven't started yet, but I'm going to! You inspired me, thanks hon! Theses pics are adorable! Wishing you great luck w/ mission no more binkie! We are almost done w/ our bff (bink). I tried cold turkey, but am finding slowly taking it away is working better for Jax. Happy Hump Day girly!

  7. Oh my goodness, she is adorable! And YAY for the weight loss! CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck, this weekend, with the "B" word situation ;) None of my girls took to the binky, but I did wean my oldest from nursing around 21 months, and I was so worried that it would be torturous for weeks. She did so much better than I had imagined!


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