Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall's here - How do I know?

This is how I know fall is here. 

We had to turn the heat on. 
Julianna is wearing her fleece PJs to stay toasty at night. 
Flannel Sheets are on the bed.
The mums are planted everywhere (We still have to buy ours!!) 
The Baseball playoffs are in full swing. (Yay Yankees) 
Football is getting good! (Go Giants) 
Baked Apple Pie aroma is in the air wherever you go. 
Oh and - cider donuts. Totally fall. 

The leaves are starting to change in NJ. We aren't close to peak, but soon we will be. 

Leaves are falling from the trees and covering the roads. 

Leaves are collecting in the bird bath after the fall rain. 

Pepper is snuggled up in the covers all day. She likes heat - she doesn't often get out of bed this time of year. Too cold for her. 

And yes, who can forget pumpkin picking. It's definitely that time. 

Submitting my fall photos to the following "Yellow/Light" challenge


  1. Yep its here!! beautiful pictures. Enjoy!

  2. LOVE all the pictures you took, perfect for the challenge!! :)
    Specially love the fence lined with pumpkins, adorable!
    visiting you from the Orange/Warmth [Nurture Photography]challenge

    1. thanks kelly - These were fun to take - I hope to get more this weekend with the nice weather we are expecting.

  3. I love the colour splash of the pumpkin image and I don't blame Pepper at all... I would be exactly the same if I could get away with it.


    1. thank you! I wish I was snuggled up with pepper today on this cold and rainy day here !! haha!

  4. Fall is in South Dakota too! We even had flurries most of yesterday morning. Can't beat snuggling up with your dog on a cold night. I really like the B&W.

    Love the last picture. Neat find and edit!

    1. Flurries? Oh my! We haven't had that yet- we don't get snow until december usually - knock on wood. THanks about the B&W! And the pumpkins... they were lined up on the fence at the farm where we go pumpkin picking - pretty cool! :)

  5. I'm having difficulties in capturing the beauty of fall. All the leaves look perfect and the colors and especially the yellows are so beautiful, but I just can't quite succeed in capturing them.... But I'm happy you did ♥ These photos are so good. So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharin :)g

    1. It just turned fall this week here.... so i know we have much more to come in the way of colors. And hopefully pictures too! :)

  6. Great shots, love the dof you've used, the bokeh is delicious! Your dog is so sweet (I have a cat called Pepper), and those pumpkins are ace - I only wish we had a pumpkin farm near here - they're a bit of a rarity here in the UK. Thanks for dropping by my blog :O)

  7. Great photography! The PoV and DoF in the first 3 is wonderful...and, your pup is adorable <3

  8. Oh what beautiful bokeh you captured in this. Lovely job!

  9. So pretty, I love the shallow DOF in the second photo and the gorgeous colours.

    Thanks so much for taking part in the Nurture Photography Photo Challenge!


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