Monday, December 10, 2012

It's almost Christmas time!

Did you finish your Christmas shopping yet? I'm done. Almost. I have a few last minute things to get... but done for the most part. I got most of my shopping done on Cyber Monday. I can't do this last minute stuff, it stresses me out too much.

This is a fun year for us because Julianna is 2 and 1/2 years old -she is just starting to understand Santa Claus - and we are trying to teach her the story of Christmas - that part might have to wait as she is still stuck on "When is Santa coming to visit?" and "Can Santa bring me more 'Mater' books?" (He's the old rusty tow-truck character from the "Cars" movie- one of her favorite movies next to Toy Story!)

We put up our tree on Black Friday. Julianna loved the tree, and we told her when she went to bed, Santa's Elves were coming to decorate the tree. So when she woke up on Saturday morning, she asked first if Santa came .... then saw the tree all decorated, and got really excited! It's a fun time of year.

We decided not to do the Elf on the Shelf this year... we are going to do it next year. I think she might not fully get it this year... or be creeped out by it... but next year, we think she will. Shelf Elf can wait a year.

Last weekend, Brian, Julianna and I went to a local "German" Christmas outdoor market. Wow, what a great day! We did not expect it to be this much fun! They had Christmas music pumping through the market - local kids choirs singing music, tons of delicious german food and baked items, so many vendors and things to buy, story time, and Santa of course (which Julianna took one look at, and hid behind me!) Oh and the Carrousel. The final touch to a perfect day - Julianna loves the carrousel. We didn't buy much, but we did find this great hand-made puzzle for Julianna that Santa will give her. She loves puzzles lately... we think she will love this one!

Mmmmm German hotdogs. 

Stealing Mommy's pretzel 

Carrousel ride

Our town's tree lighting was this weekend - We had a great time even though it rained. They moved the carolers inside, and of course we missed half of it because Julianna was THAT child. She was climbing the chairs and under the chairs, laying on the chairs - people everywhere, I am sure someone got kicked by her LOL. So my husband and I took her to the other side of the municipal building where we let her run up and down the halls 50 times. We ran her out like we do with the dog. Then we got hot chocolate and saw the tree lighting! Santa made an appearance on the fire truck with lights and sirens going. It was so much fun! Julianna was a little suspicious of Santa though. She only likes him from afar lately. Overall, she liked the tree lighting!

The town decorated the fire truck with christmas lights! So festive! 

Town Tree all lit up! 

Julianna with Daddy (in green sweater & blue hat) singing christmas carols before she started to act up. 

 Julianna and Daddy watching the firetruck 

Bad picture of Julianna taking the candy-cane from suspicious santa. (I'm in baseball cap behind her) 

I got myself some new glasses before my end of the year vision benefit ran out... I went for more of the modern younger look - haha! Do I look 31 instead of 41 now? I wonder if they make glasses to make my forehead look smaller?

Brian and I went to Toys-R-Us and did Julianna's Christmas shopping on Black Friday weekend (and we had a nice date night too!) ... We got her all kinds of good stuff from Santa. 

We got her THIS Animal Planet farm that comes with barn, tractor and all the animals. She is going to love it!
We got her THIS Wheelies garage & ramp. She loves cars, so I know she'll love this! 

We got Julianna some matchbox cars, hello kitty stuff, coloring markers & books, play dough, duplos (the bigger legos) and a bunch of other things I can't think of right now. Oh we also got her the Disney character sets for the "Cars" movie, and from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We also got her a Buzz Lightyear character. She loves Buzz. Julianna is not into princess yet... and I stress YET. I know the princess will enter the building soon, but she's not here yet. Right now the main interest is cars, dinosaurs and building things! 

What have you all done for the Holidays so far? Did you start your holiday shopping?

Do you bake Christmas cookies? We only make sugar cookies with icing but in case you are more creative, here is a great link to 50 delicious christmas cookie recipes! Enjoy! 


  1. Seriously, as I was reading, I was constantly thinking of things I needed to comment about and now I've read it all and am thinking that would be one huge comment!

    Kylie is getting some kind of car ramp thing also, I don't think it's the same as Julianna, it might be Little Tikes. It's from my brother and his girlfriend, so I haven't seen it yet.

    I have 3 gift cards to buy and maybe a couple more stocking stuffers and I will be finished! I hate waiting to the last minute, I need it done or I get stressed.

    We are doing Elf on the Shelf~Kylie doesn't quite get it and we're not going all out with all the elaborate things some people do. I'll do that once she understands it. For now, Osh Kosh, (will do a post about his name) just hangs out in different places and watches us. Kylie likes Santa, until she sees him and then she's terrified. I don't think she's getting the idea that he brings presents, though she keeps asking for a deer from him!

    Love your new glasses and I think you can pass for 31 easily!

    We went to a Christmas Parade this past weekend. This coming up weekend we are going to the Festival of Lights in Galveston, i can't wait she is going to be so excited about it!!!

    I need to do some Christmas posts about thigns we're doing instead of just showing pictures and not saying much!

    1. Oh i bet kylie will love her car ramp too! :) Gosh to be that age at christmas time- what a treat!! So innocent & exciting!
      I am gong tonight to finish up - then I can enjoy the rest of the holiday time before christmas day :)
      Oh - Osh Kosh is the Elf on teh shelf LOL - yeah can't wait to hear that name how it came about!
      Yeah Santa is a scary dude for our girls at this age still I think. I think they like the idea of him but not the man himself LOL. Julianna keeps asking when he is coming and keeps asking about the presents under the tree (which are the ones i wrapped for my husband) so she gets it but is suspicious of the big red man.
      This is such a fabulous time of year, isn't it? With the christmas parades, and everything going on!

  2. I second the first paragraph of Alicia's comment! haha.

    First, I have to say I LOVE that you referenced Duplos. Nobody ever knows what I'm talking about and I've had to Google it on my phone so many times to prove that I'm NOT making it up.

    I just love this time of year and it makes it 1000xs better now that kids are involved. I think your post speaks to that. It just made me happy!

    Love the glasses! I'm almost done with shopping; I just have to grab a few more small things. We do bake sugar cookies so Chloe can decorate them. This year I tried a new recipe I found on Pinterest and they tasted like cardboard. No joke. I want a do-over! ha

    Was that long enough!?! ha

  3. I can see how duplos gets confusing lol - its made by legos but i think everyone knows what they are once they see them - but you and I know that word well !! hahaa! Glad you are done with the shopping almost- its a relief right! Oh - the sugar cookies- I have a great (and easy) recipe for basic sugar cookies and the icing - I HATE baking and I don't even mind these- and they taste like bakery quality sugar cookies- no kidding. I'll make it a point to post them on here or on my FB page .... they are delish! We are going to make them next week i think - yeeeeeeeee.

  4. I am mostly done too! Will finish up after pay day! LOL. That Little People garage thing is very cool. I wanted to get Hope Duplo blocks at her birthday, and I guess my in-laws didn't know what they were either, because they got her a huge set of Mega Blocks. Oy. So she is getting a small Duplo set from Santa - one of the ones that is a book & small set - Read & Build. She is also getting a bunch of other cool stuff! :) We got our tree Saturday night and it still isn't decorated. Issues with lights - soooo frustrating!!! We are doing elf on the shelf this year - not the newer, popular store-bought elf, but old ones that I've had forever. There are 2 so we have 2 elves and we named them Jack and Jill! We have also already done a lot of fun Christmas stuff - parades, Sesame Place, seeing Santa arrive by helicopter at a local farm, etc. and still have more plans! We will be baking cookies with friends and on our own; we got a bunch of stuff to do some crafts and ornaments for Hope to give as gifts; we will go to the city to Macy's (formerly John Wanamaker's) to see the light show there; we will go to see Santa; and we are also going to a market this Saturday that sounds similar to the one you guys went to. It is called Christkindlmarkt and is in Bethlehem, PA. So much fun this time of year - I love all of the traditions and sharing them - new and old - with Hope! :)

    1. I have one more thing to get but I need to order it online so for the most part, yeah i am done. yayyy. So your inlaws did not get the duplo thing either- haha. that is funny! Hope is the right age for elf on the shelf - and you are being creative by doing your own - perfect! And Bethlehem - we were going to go there this past saturday and I think you're right, its a similar german market - i bet the same vendors- we stil may go to bethlehem if we don't run out of time- maybe the weekend right before christmas! I have been wanting to go there. We were going to go this weekend for my birthday but i have to work sunday morning OT, so that was out too- bummer man! It looks so cool there!! Sounds like you have a lot planned too - how awesome!! :)

  5. 41 looks good on you, Skye. I told you someday you'd appreciate having a baby face. :) That was fun the other night even if the weather didn't cooperate. Julianna is going to be so pleased with her new toys. Can't wait.

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