Friday, December 14, 2012

Julianna is 2 and 1/2 years old

I haven't done one of these in a while but I've been kind of busy .... In case you missed it, read it HERE why I was missing for a few weeks.

So Julianna was two and 1/2 years old at the end of November. It seems like the last few months, she's been learning and growing so much. I am in amazement at the things she's doing lately!

She comes up with these new phrases every day that she didn't hear from us, like "OK bye guys!" she says to us before bed time. And she interacts with the tv now - she tells toodles on mickey mouse clubhouse which tool to use! haha!

Julianna is understanding so much lately - she gets Christmas as far as Santa goes and the decorations- and she loves it. She keeps asking when Santa is coming... she'll be so surprised on Christmas morning!

We've also been telling her she is going to have a little brother - and all she can say to that is "No Mama!" and then asks for Mickey Mouse on TV. I showed her my belly since it's sticking out now, and told her there's a baby in mama's belly - and explained to her a few times. Last night I asked her to tell Daddy what's in Mama's belly - and she said "A BABY!" and smiled! I then asked her if she wanted a little brother and she said "No Mama". Well, it's a start. haha.

Here are some things Julianna is doing lately: 

  • Names basic colors - about 10-15 total
  • Counts to 12 and can count things as she touches them but loses count around 5 or 6. She will point to 2 cups and say "2 cups!" and be all proud of herself.
  • She likes to group things by color and shape now
  • She can name basic shapes like circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, diamond. 
  • Julianna still won't say her own name- she refers to herself as "Me" or "I" and knows her name but just won't say it yet. 
  • She brushes her own teeth now for a while - still needs help with actually brushing the back teeth but she gets it. 
  • Her vocabulary is getting very good- she can speak in full comprehensive sentences and can have a conversation. 
  • She doesn't dress herself yet, but we also still dress her in the morning and haven't pushed the issue. She can put on a shirt but gets it backwards or wrong arms still - haha. 
  • Julianna wants to help clean and do chores. Can't wait to put her to work! haha! I need to teach her how to fold laundry because that's one of the things I hate doing! 
  • A few times lately, she tells me in the morning, "I stay with Mommy and Daddy today. I will play with my toys and watch Mickey Mouse" - It breaks my heart because we bring her to daycare and of course I want her home, but can't do it since we both work. She understands we work - but I hate that some days she just wants to be with us and can't. That part sucks. 

Her favorite tv shows... 

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
  • Gaspard & Lisa 
  • Dinosaur train 
  • Thomas the train 
  • Bob the builder 

Her favorite movies that she asks to watch over & over & over & over.... 

  • Toy Story 
  • Cars 
  • Toy Story 2 
  • Toy Story ... Toy Story ... Toy Story .... Toy Story .... Toy Story ... well, you get it right? 

She doesn't have a favorite toy really - she just alternates with all her toys right now and plays with pretty much everything. Her giraffe however, is her favorite stuffed animal in the world and loves this thing so much. It's so precious to see her calling for him when he is missing or she gives him kisses over & over and tells giraffe she loves him!
Last week, we thought giraffe was dropped in the mall - and I ran in like a crazy lady backtracking everywhere we went and didn't find him. Then I got back to the car in tears, with Julianna and Daddy waiting for me, and had to give the bad news. Julianna said "Mama, giraffe's in the bathroom" - and it was THEN that I remembered she stuffed him into the hidden pouch in the diaper bag while we were in the bathroom changing her diaper! Sure enough, there he was in the pouch. The kid saved the day!
This giraffe came as an add-in to a PJ set my friend got for her... and it's made by Garanimals, but I have not been able to find another one online or in the store anywhere. We need a backup just in case (if and when) this giraffe decides to disappear forever. Ugh! I dread that!!


  1. Love reading your blog and all the updates on your growing family!! can't wait to see your little baby boy.. I remember when Julianna was born and the looks on both your faces and the wond
    er of it all!! have a very Merry Christmas!! Mrs G.

  2. So much like Kylie in so many ways! Julianna is a harder name to say, I'm not surprised she's not saying it yet. Kylie started off saying her name was Ky or KyKy, just recently she will say her whole name~Kylie Hope Hope Morris. I LOVE that she adds in the extra Hope, I call her Hopey or Hope Hope a lot. We haven't pushed the getting dressed/undressed herself either, I just find it easier to do it myself!

    So glad you found the giraffe!! It's so funny the things that they become attached to and of course it's something that you don't have a back-up of! So proud of Julianna with her counting, shapes, colors, etc :) such a smart girl! "Ok bye guys" at bedtime cracks me up!

    1. Yeah we are trying to to get her to say her name and she just makes a mess of it still LOL - she will get it eventually! We just got her the Potty Party DVD - and she loves it- its great at explaining to kids about potty training and makes it fun. I hope it kicks in in the next few months that she wants to do it :)
      Kylie's name is easier to say for sure. Next kid needs a 1 syllable name for us haha

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