Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What did we do this past weekend?

This past weekend was eventful (at least for Winter time it was!). I normally hibernate in the Winter but I also try to balance that with getting out of the house on the weekends for sanity and peace of mind!
This weekend, we were able to get out and do some good stuff! I took some pictures with my Iphone - No big girl camera. I don't know why, but I can't get motivated enough to take out my Canon lately. I think it's the weather. Yep, it's totally the weather.

Friday ... 
This weekend, Brian, Julianna and I went out to a (new) local pizza place for dinner on Friday night.  We have our normal "Friday night" spot we go to, but decided to try something different since we had a $10 giftcard. We went to Grotto Pizza (for anyone local) - and it was decent. It was kind of run down and not much room to sit comfortably - however the food was good enough where I would go back there for the pizza. (Pizza is a  staple of the food pyramid in NJ!)

Julianna went for her swimming lesson - and I am happy to report this week, she liked it and did better! She did not have a full out meltdown. She actually held onto daddy and kicked her legs to stay afloat... and she held onto the steps and kicked her legs while floating! Yay! She is not progressing as fast as the other kids in the class, but who knows, maybe they have pools at home or are more comfortable in the water than Julianna. She is still scared but I know she'll get over it.

Right after her swim lesson, we went to a friend's 5th birthday party at "Giggles PlayStation" in Rockaway, NJ. I love this place. It's a great place to go in the colder weather with young kids and for birthday parties. They have a huge playground, rides, ball pit (aka germ pit), a carrousel and a small train ride.

Then... at night, we had our wonderful babysitter come over to watch Julianna while Brian and I went out to dinner to a great Hibachi place. We only stayed out a couple of hours- but date night is so essential when you have kids. You need to get out and have adult time.

Some Iphone pics from the birthday party:
(How I hate grainy Iphone pictures. Ugh! - But I have to work with what I got some days!)

Julianna's first time going into the ball pit- 
I told her don't get stuck because no way is this pregnant mama climbing in there to get her! 

On the mini-carrousel 


Party time 

Cake time! Julianna stuck her hand in the icing and started shoveling it into her mouth - I was cracking up! 
No pictures of that though! Just pictures of her being civilized and good! haha! 

 Little Piggy 

Sunday ...
I made a big yummy pancake breakfast with fresh strawberries that my daughter & husband devoured! I love when they love my cooking.
Then we drove to Bridgewater mall (not too far from us) - to walk around and get out of the house - sometimes just getting out for a few hours & window shopping in the Winter makes me super-happy!
Oh and we picked up these 2 really cool things from Williams-Sonoma: THIS strawberry huller and THIS Herb wand. I can't wait to use them! Williams-Sonoma has the greatest stuff in the world!

Julianna and I at the mall - she loves shopping- I've created a monster!

 Julianna discovered the Lego Store. Look at the buckets of Lego heads & hats - too funny! 

She loved the Lego table they had there- She didn't want to leave. 

 Julianna and Daddy walking through the mall - she loves to hold the bags of stuff we buy! 

 On our way home, Julianna fell asleep... I volunteered to drop Brian off (so he could work on tax stuff- blegh) and then I drove around while Julianna slept. The Lake is barely frozen for as cold as it's been, but it's so pretty even in the Winter time. I can't wait for summer even more now! 

Julianna waiting for the Superbowl to start 
(well, not really, she was watching Mickey Mouse)

Pepper during the SuperBowl. 

Speaking of which - what did everyone do for the Superbowl? Anything? 
We just hung out at home. I'm too tired and pregnant to deal with going to a party on a work night for a Superbowl that I really am not super-interested in anyway.  I was happy the Ravens won, but hey, it's NOT the NY Giants. And now that's football is over, it's almost time for baseball - I can't wait for spring training to start! 


  1. Your were in Rockaway! I would have met you a Giggles for a least to say hello! Love the picture of you and Julianna.

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  3. Dreary weather totally demotivates me too--and I always get so excited when things warm up!

    Is Julianna in a parent/child swim class? I've started to wonder if Harry should take swim this spring or wait until next year. I can't decide yet!


    1. Hi Carla! Yes, it's a parent/child swim class at the YMCA ... we felt she was the perfect age for this b/c she is a good age for listening and doing what she's told (most times lol) - Shes 2 & 1/2 - and the same age as HArry right? I'm glad we didn't do it last year, she would have been too young for this for sure! She's noto going to learn how to treat water this year - she has a long way to go - but she will at least learn to not be scared of the water and knows how to float, kick her legs while holding onto something etc.etc.... We will be in the water or on the boat this summer a lot and didn't want to wait any longer :)


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