Thursday, April 25, 2013

36 Week Update - Almost there

36 weeks
This will probably be the last "pregnancy" update I do until he is born. I know these aren't the most exciting things to read, but I really wanted to document some of this {not so} fun pregnancy.

How far along:
36 weeks. Here's your picture! (I know you're thinking, "Nice smile"!)
That's the color we painted the kids room by the way - it's a nice cheery happy yellow.

Size of baby:
He should be about 19-20 inches long - and about 6-7 pounds - I don't know what type of fruit or veggie he resembles now, but I can tell you it's "BIG" & I am ready. I had my 36 week ultrasound yesterday and all looks good. It's the one they recommend for all "Over 40" pregnant moms (aka; maternally ancient).We're in the home stretch. We think he'll be about the same size as Julianna - 7'10 - but we'll have to wait & see.

Weight gain:
Total weight gain has been 8 lbs up until right now. I just have not felt good this whole time - hard to eat meals and some days I just have zero appetite. My midwives tell me everything is fine and so is the baby, so I guess it's OK. With my last pregnancy, I gained 30 lbs because I was able to actually eat the whole time. The good news is, it will be easier to get back into shape afterwards.

Maternity clothes:
Everything is tight and some maternity clothes do not fit anymore. Can't wait to put that stuff in a box and give it away when this is all over.

  • Bloating still, every day, all day. I really can't wait to eat normal again. I am so uncomfortable every single day. 
  • My husband told me he can't wait until I am not pregnant anymore, because he feels bad for me every day to see me grimacing or making pained facial expressions. 
  • Feet aching, my whole abdomen aches, hard to stand up, I pee 50 times a day, my back hurts, I have this horrible taste in my mouth all the time, horrible heartburn all day and night, I have no appetite many days, and uh, did I forget any other pleasant things I'm feeling?  
  • Oh yes, Hips hurt at night, and I have to flip from side to side at least 10 times. 
  • The lovely nausea is back. Not like the first trimester where I couldn't function, but it's definitely back. 
The only thing that gets me through this all is knowing this is all over in 3 weeks. Just THREE weeks to go. I had a talk with the boy and told him, "Anytime you want to make your appearance is fine by me" - after all, he is fully developed now. We are ready for him and so is the bedroom- we bought all the stuff we need. Bring it on! 
I know this sounds a lot like whining (Sorry!) but it's just gotten so old to feel so crappy for so long. I had a few weeks, maybe a month where I felt decent in the 2nd trimester - sheeesh! 
Thank goodness I work from home. I do not think I could handle going into the office feeling the way I do every day. I work in my office, wrapped up in a blanket with the heating pad on my back.

Yeah right. I exercise my thoughts to hope this baby comes even a few days earlier LOL! Don't get me wrong, May 16th will be a fine day for a C-section, but hey, if he wants to come a few days early, it's all good.

Not much since nothing really makes me enjoy eating. I will say fresh fruit does make me feel good... and ice cream (when I can handle it).

Kicking like a crazy boy! You can see legs & arms - it's pretty cool. he is definitely running out of space now. At this point, he grows about 1/2 lb a week.

Some nights I still sleep OK. I wake up a lot and have to pee so many times. Par for the course I suppose.

Gender & Name:
Still a boy. We finally did decide on a name - but I'll reveal it with my FIRST post on his birth in a few weeks! :)  Boys names for us were very hard to choose.

Looking forward to:
Not being pregnant any more & having him here with us. We are so ready for him. It's funny, I watch TV or see people out in the store, and they look so "normal" & they can move around so easily. I honestly can not remember what it's like to be able to feel normal from day to day. Sounds silly but I look forward to all these symptoms going bye-bye. Call me a baby, I know.

No real worries to speak of. I know the baby is healthy, and so am I (blood pressure is low, no diabetes, no physical issues that are bad for us). I am starting to have some anxiety about the C-section and any complications I could have. But I know those are normal feelings to have and know everything will be OK in the end.

What's different this time:
Everything. I still marvel at how I had NONE of these symptoms the first time.

Best moment this week:
Seeing Julianna excited every day about her baby brother coming. She thinks he will arrive with his own Mama. She is having a hard time understanding she has to share Mommy & Daddy. Going to be interesting. Also, Knowing I am one week closer to the end makes me happy this week. Ha!

Something that bothers me: 
Disability Paperwork. Ugh! I can't believe the amount of "Maternity Leave / Disability" paperwork my job has me & my doctor fill out. I have learned from experience (last time) that no matter how prepared you are, it still gets messed up and I will need to make 40 calls to the state of NJ & my company's "Leave" group, after I have the baby. I know from last time, it can take up to 6-8 weeks to get your first disability check and we're prepared financially this time. You can be held back for ONE wrong date or code on one page (especially if you go early)... and then you need to re-fax and re-submit everything, and hope someone actually gets it. Have you ever had to deal with the state of NJ Disability? It's so much fun and they are all such a joy to work with (NOT!). The only saving grace is knowing I can take "Baby Bonding Time-Off" in NJ. I get an additional 'paid' 6 weeks off after my 8 weeks of disability. Plus I'm taking 2 more weeks of vacation time. All in all, I will get 16 weeks 'paid' time off once the baby is born. I am grateful for that. 

Do we have a Name?
Yes- it will be revealed once he is born :)  


  1. You look beautiful!! Enjoy these last few weeks, looking forward to seeing photos of the little guy :)

  2. Great update! I'm sure you are ready to just have him already! Sorry that the nausea is back (it's a good things it's not as bad as your first trimester). I love your exercise update! I felt the same way when I was pregnant. My mind is about the only thing that I exercised (I was way too wiped)! Can't wait to hear what you've decided on for his name; I like the suspense :o) I bet J is soooo excited! She's going to have a little friend soon! That is so wonderful!

  3. Looking good! I know you are sooooo ready. Good luck!

    1. thank kim! oh you know it - i am ready! woohoo!


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