Thursday, April 18, 2013

Evil Stomach Virus

I've been absent. I know it. It's been a rough week {or so} to say the least. Like "50 shades of hell" rough.

There is nothing I hate more than my baby girl being sick. It sucks. I hate seeing her so pathetic and helpless. We have really lucked out in the sense that Julianna has not been sick very often.

Two Saturdays ago, she came down with the evil stomach virus. It was so bad. Poor kid. She threw up all over the house & herself and her beloved baby giraffe. She was crying because she thought she did something wrong combined with the fact she HATES to be dirty; I was crying because she was so upset. Bad scene. Brian was racing around trying to clean up. She finally stopped being sick long enough so we could get her in the tub, strip her down, and clean her off. I handed over puky girl duty to Brian at that point because God knows I could NOT afford to get sick. She ended up being OK by Sunday morning, but it was a rough night for us trying to clean up and soothe her. She was so pathetic & my heart broke for her.

I sanitized & sterilized the entire house, bed sheets, stuffed animals, floors, furniture, door knobs, bathroom, etc.... but in the end, it didn't matter. IT GOT US.

Last Monday, Brian and I both got hit HARD with the stomach virus within a few hours of each other. Everyone jokes how we always do everything together- I guess it only makes sense we got this in unison too! Imagine being 34 weeks pregnant and bad stomach virus. I can tell you it's NO fun and just flat out sucks. Thank goodness our babysitter was able to take Julianna overnight (Bless her soul!) because Brian and I were in such bad shape, we couldn't have taken care of her and it was the worst night ever. We were both up all night sick as dogs. (Why do they say sick as dogs? I never saw my dog get this sick ever!!)

I got hit worse than Brian, simply due to the fact I'm pregnant. When I talked to my midwife on the Monday I started feeling lousy, she warned me it would probably be much worse for me, and man she was right. I was down for the count and out of work for 3 days. Even after I went back to work, I felt like I got hit by a truck through this past Sunday. Brian too. I am hearing from so many people now that have or had the same thing.

So anyway, that explains my recent absence... Oh and the fact that we are working daily to get ready for the baby. We switched bedrooms, need to paint, bought a bunch of baby stuff, de-cluttering the basement & attic to make room for yet more crap... and Brian has some things he needs to get done before the baby is born. Needless to say - blogging has been on the back burner.

So here I am.

I have a few posts lined up for the following week or so.... and should be back on track. I also desperately need to catch up on my blog reading. I've also been trying 2 different blog readers - "Blog Lovin" and "Feedly". Both work about the same to me - except I think I like the "Blog Lovin" app on my Iphone better.

And last but not least ... Some pictures from Easter (Told you I was way behind!) 

It was a chilly & rainy day - but we did manage to get in the Easter Egg hunt at my Aunt's house. 

Hope you are all doing well. I'll be posting again soon!


  1. Glad all are feeling better!!!! :) Mrs. G.

  2. Yes so glad you are feeling better. All 6 of had it, not fun!!!! I hate feedly. So mad at Google, I like google reader :(

  3. Oh no! I had the stomach flu in the beginning of my pregnancy with the girls on top of morning sickness and boy did it suck. Can't imagine how much it sucks with a big belly and all those end aches and pains. I feel for you! Hope you are back to 100% soon.

  4. Oh no! What a horrible time to get sick! :( Viruses should know they're not allowed to go near pregnant women! ;) And I'm totally with you on sick kids--I feel just as helpless as they look, it's so sad. I'm just so glad you're all feeling better!

    1. I know tell me about it - It was a horrible few days and so glad its all over with!

  5. I was wondering about you. I am so sorry to hear that y'all were so sick. You really haven't caught a break this pregnancy. I hope everything is smooth sailing from here.

    1. thanks, I hope it is too Kim!! 4 more weeks. 4 more weeks. yeah!

  6. Ah, I missed that cute little face! I'm so sorry about the EVIL stomach virus and I just want to cry for J! Poor kid! I really can't imagine Alivia being that sick. It's scary just typing that very sentence (I'm VERY superstitious)! Anyhow, thank heavens you are all better now! Can't imagine being that sick on top of being pregnant! You are a hero seriously :o)


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