Thursday, May 9, 2013

Getting ready for the baby ....

It's amazing how much goes into preparing for the baby to make his entrance into this world.

  • Setting up the crib (Julianna's old crib) 
  • Swapping rooms so the kids can have the bigger room (1 bed & 1 crib wouldn't fit in J's old room) 
  • Painting the kid's room 
  • Arranging everything so it kind of sort of fits ok (small rooms in our small house!!) 
  • Buying all the new stuff the boy needs - I forgot just how much $$ this stuff costs! Bottles, clothes, sleepers, new monitor, diapers, sit & stand stroller, infant car seat, Beco carrier, misc. things like swaddle-me's and blankets, etc.... etc... and so on. 
  • Digging through all of Julianna's old stuff to try and find something/anything that is not pink that the boy can use. Not much there. That's why we pretty much had to start from scratch again. Oh well. 
  • Moving stuff to and from the attic. Rearranging the attic & basement - storing things that aren't needed in order to save space. 
  • Sold some stuff on Craiglist we won't be using again. 
  • While I'm out on Maternity leave, we'll be using my dining room/office into a "sort-of" nursery for 16 weeks... we're going to set up the cradle in there so he won't disrupt Julianna at night time while she sleeps. (Family dining room by day, baby nursery by night! haha!) 
  • The paperwork. Ohhhh the paperwork. I am buried in paperwork every day it seems for my job, disability, medical stuff, choices to make before he's born, choices to make after, birth certificate, pre-registration of everything ... etc. It has to be done in this day & age, I understand it, but it can certainly stress a tired, achy, pregnant 42 year old girl out! haha! 
  • {Edit 5/10} - I forgot to add this one in - I spent 2 days making food. I made a bunch of "Make-ahead-meals" and divided them up, and froze them in disposable foil containers. This way we can just take out what we want for dinner once the baby is born and not have to worry about making dinner most nights. We have enough for at least 2-3 weeks of straight dinners! Yay me for planning ahead! I almost went into labor making all the food and was quite cranky by the end of the day (bless my husband!), but I got 'er done! 

Have I mentioned I am starting to have massive anxieties about giving birth? I had this the first time too. I don't care how you give birth, there is nothing that is 100% guaranteed in this world... and that scares me a bit. Funny because it's the birth, recovery, etc that scares me. The thought of taking home a 2nd baby and taking care of him, doesn't scare me or bother me at all. I can totally handle that and have zero fears about it.
I do however trust modern medicine 100% and know all the decisions we make/made around this child coming into the world are the right choices for us.
I have a week left now, and I would be lying if I said I was going to miss being pregnant. There is nothing, repeat, nothing about this pregnancy that I will miss. Bring on the boy! By this time next week, our son will be here and let the good times roll!

And to end this off... here are some pictures I took recently at a local park. I don't know the names of these pretty trees, but they bloom every year right around this time, and I try to make it there to get some photos of them. They are not dogwoods or fruit trees... couldn't find them online (and didn't look that hard either!)


  1. Gosh you sound busy!! Looking forward to seeing baby pics soon. Love these photos :)

    1. Busy for sure- and working FT still haha! But it will all come together and work out in the end! :) I need some sleep now!

  2. Wowsers, sounds like you could use a nap (or 5). Excited you got a Becco, can't wait to hear what you think about it (not that I could justify buying another carrier). The uncertainty of birth is what I love best. I find out so exciting :)

  3. Very exciting! Which reminds me I need to get a package in the mail for you....maybe I'll wait until after next week now. Looking forward to seeing the little one and the sure to be precious photos with J! Also anxious to know the name...
    Jen (sorry the identifier never works for me on the phone through Facebook)

    1. Thank you Jen! Yeah I have that issue on my phone when I use Blog Lovin to read blogs for some reason!
      Thanks and we will be holding onto things too - When/if you guys have another one, and if it's a girl, we have SOOOO much stuff that we'll never use! :)

  4. I was wondering how you were doing and if you were still hanging in there! So exciting that he'll be here in a week!

  5. Oh wow, that second shot is amazing with the way the light hits Julannas curls! One Week? Yowzers! Exciting times coming soon :)

  6. Exciting times ahead, Skye. I'm really looking forward to it (to meeting my grandson, I mean), but then I'm not the one who's pregnant. :)

    I'm so happy for you, kiddo.

  7. It's very exciting, Skye! I even mentioned to your Mom in a blog comment that you must be due soon. I can't wait to see photos of your new addition!

    You are so right about how expensive baby things are. My daughter and I were very fortunate as the Denver areas holds giant consignment sales on baby goods a few times a year and we picked up a lot of clothes and equipment for a quarter of the price. Of course our cribs and car seats are brand new for safety sake, but for other things this has been a saving. I am taking care of my granddaughter now as my daughter went back to work. I love it, and she's a very good baby, but I'm feeling my!

    I'll be thinking about you and praying you have a very safe and easy delivery!

  8. PS: In all that I forgot to say Julianna is beautiful and will make a wonderful big sister!

  9. Oooooh my goodness, when did Julianna get so BIG?! She is so beautiful. I just love her hair! She will be a great big sister, I bet. You're right- baby things are expensive! And we always tend to forget that while daydreaming about future babies... then once pregnant, it just hits you! I'm looking forward to doing some reading and catching up on your blog.

    1. Thanks so much Jess- She does have some great hair I must say LOL. I take pride in doing her hair in the morning hehe. I just hope she doesn't hate it when she's older. (Of course she will!)
      I was hoping we would have another girl so we could re-use a lot of J's stuff ... since everything we got her was very girly and I love her clothes... but once we found out we were having a boy, it was starting from scratch all over again! Sheesh! Some people gave us some hand-me-downs and a few items but we were pretty much on our own after that - I also got a couple items on Craigslist too. oh well - we had 9 months to get everything so it worked out fine! We still have to buy a monitor - with 2 cameras. THe one we had for Julianna is on its last legs and barely works. Its all worth it in the end! :) Nice hearing from you!


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