Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pretty pink flowers and other things...

Happy Mother's Day...
Today is our 6th Wedding anniversary too! I can't believe Brian and I have been married for 6 wonderful years already, and I can't believe we've been together for 12 years come this November. Time flies! 
Julianna's birthday is in 2 weeks... and our baby will be born this Thursday. May is, without a doubt, always going to be our busiest month of the year!

On Thursday, I posted some pictures of a park by us that has beautiful pink flowering trees. I went there twice that week. The first time I went, the flowers weren't in bloom completely and didn't get the "bright" pink pictures I was hoping for. I went back a 2nd time and managed to get some better shots of the trees, Julianna, and my best friend's dog as well!

This is Lucy - Julianna loves Lucy & always talks about going to visit her! 

OK folks- that's it for now.

Next time I report back, we will have one NEW family member! 
Wish me luck on Thursday....


  1. My two favs are the shot with the focus on the gravel and the beautiful pink in the soft DOF, AND that last shot. Julianna's shot of pink on the right with all the pink in the background. Fantastic! Did you plan on dressing her in pink? Great choice or fantastic coincidence regardless. Best of luck and good wishes for this coming week and the arrival of your newest family member. EXCITING!!!!

  2. OMG, I didn't even realize you were this close to delivering! Holy smokes! May is definitely a busy month for you especially this year with the baby coming! I'm so excited for you! Happy Anniversary too! Hope you guys are going strong ;o) Gorgeous pictures as always! J gets cuter every time I see her! Can't wait to see pics of the new little one! Wishing you a great delivery and speedy recovery!

  3. Aww, Lucy is cute! Love the picture of you and Julianna! I didn't realize we had been married the same amount of time (or maybe I did and forgot...), our 6th anniversary is in June. Thinking about you this week!!

  4. Good luck on Thursday!! Can't wait to "meet" your new little guy and learn his name! I'm sure it will all go fine. Once you are a little bit settled into your new routine, I'd love to chat with you about organic eating. We are thinking about making the switch to organic / "clean" eating! :)

  5. Good luck tomorrow! Love the pics, but really can't wait for pictures of the new brother:)

  6. I absolutely love those pink trees! How beautiful. I can't believe you're having him TOMORROW. I hope you have a quick delivery & recovery, and that everyone in your family (Miss Julianna especially) adjusts to being a family of 3 to 4 easily. :) <3 Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures!


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