Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tyler is 12 weeks and a heart update

Tyler had his cardiologist appointment today and all went well. His EKG was perfect and so was his echocardiogram... along with his checkup. The doctor did not see any issues and said he is doing beautifully!
The nice social worker was there during our appointment and we talked to her about a few things- one of them being our concern about traveling anywhere with Tyler. We are concerned if 'something' goes wrong when we are away from home (even for a weekend), where would we go? On our next road trip, we will be visiting my in-laws in Syracuse and the doctor gave us the name of the Children's hospital up in that area "just in case" we need to bring him somewhere. This is all stuff we NEVER had to think about with Julianna. But now, we will need to think about it any time we leave home and go outside this area of NJ we live in. We won't be taking a big vacation until next year- so we would need to find out the name (from our doctor) of a pediatric cardiology hospital once we figure out where we're going.

Tyler is 12 weeks old this week. It's still hard for me to believe he had open heart surgery 11 weeks ago... and it seems like it never happened some days... until I see his scar on his chest. (CLICK HERE FOR HIS CHD HEART SURGERY STORY)
That brings back the memory each and every time. It also reminds me what a healthy little boy he is right now and how blessed we are to have this very special little love bug in our lives. Sometimes I just love to listen to him "Coo" in his crib and it just makes me smile because it's the cutest noise ever! He is at that age where he lays there cooing and smiling - SO.FREAKIN.CUTE.

I still worry daily about what the future holds for him. Brian does too. You try not to think about it but you just do. The next support group meeting isn't until next Tuesday night (I hope we can get a sitter!), I really wish there was one sooner - I could use it. I'm looking forward to seeing the group of CHD parents we met - for some comfort and solace.

Tyler has been on Zantac for some reflux and it has been helping for the most part. We also spaced out his feedings to every 3.5 hours and he's doing much better now.

Here are the quickie milestones for Tyler at 12 weeks old

  • Sleeping through the night; 9:30 (or 10pm) through 6:30am
  • He eats about 6 oz (Similac Sensitive formula) every 3.5 hours during the day equaling a total of about 30 ounces (6:30am, 10am, 1:30pm, 5pm, 8:30pm) 
  • He naps about 1.5 - 2 hours 3x a day (He is awake for a little while after eating, then nap time and we wake him for his next feeding if he's not up by then) 
  • He is starting to not like being swaddled at night- he always breaks out by morning
  • He is holding his head up pretty strong and very alert - favorite position to be in is popped up on my shoulder looking out behind me - seeing the world! 
  • He is holding toys now and hitting them. 
  • He is smiling & laughing all the time - and cooing a lot 
  • He loves his mama! Doesn't take his eyes off of me - oh what a happy feeling! 
  • When big sister tantrums, he cries. 
  • When Pepper barks, he doesn't flinch. 
  • He loves boating (oops, had to throw that in there!) 

It occurred to me that I never really took some pictures of Tyler's scar. It's something I try to ignore daily but it jumps right out at me, and I decided to take some pictures of it now before he gets bigger so we can show him when he's older. The doctor said it is healing up beautifully.

Helloooooo !!!!!!


  1. So handsome! Glad everything is going well.

  2. What a little love bug!!!! How he has grown and he does remind me of you , Skye. thanks for the update on him and for the pictures. They always make me smile and I love the ones of the big sister and Daddy and Mommy too!! love ya, Mrs. G.

  3. Honestly, what a cuuuuuutie! :) And I think you are going to feel a bit more comfort once you get around some other parents who have experienced a similar situatiom. There will be a camraderie and shared circumstance that will bind you, and you will get some peace from it I'm sure. So happy your little guy came thru with flying colors, truly a gift from God :)

  4. So glad he's doing so well. Too funny that he cries when Julianna has a fit. By the way, I thought you nailed your last post. I don't think I ever left a comment. We are having computer issues at our house.

  5. Congratulations on the milestones of health! It sounds great.

    What an adorable baby is Tyler. Not only is his smile winning but when he's not smiling, he
    looks interested in everything around him and that he's taking it all in.

    Seeing that he is holding toys sounds good.

    It all sounds good -- and he has the best smile!


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