Friday, August 23, 2013


Hello - it's been a while. Can you say BUSY??
I can't get the time to do anything lately and the days are whizzing by. I promise I will catch up on blogs soon - I haven't gone underground! I forced myself to pick up my camera and take some photos in the last month so I do have some stuff to share at least... and I am working on a "Day in the life" post as well. (Maybe you'll see it by Christmas!)

I go back to work on Monday. {Insert big sad face here}
Tyler is 14 weeks old - but luckily my husband (God bless him!) is taking 'baby bonding' time off from work for 4 weeks to stay home and take care of Tyler so he can be here with us for a little longer. His leave starts Monday. The state of NJ offers baby bonding time for parents - it's paid time off too. One of the benefits of living in NJ.

I will be taking 2 weeks of vacation time once Brian goes back. So all in all, Tyler will have been home with us for 20 weeks total. He will start going to daycare the fist week in October - when he is almost 5 months old. I feel much better about sending him at that age than now.
We are sending him to the same woman that has cared for Julianna since she was 14 weeks old & it will be the 2 of them together with her - that puts me at ease for sure! But is still scares me to let him out of my sight.

If you missed Tyler's story about his Congenital Heart Defect, click HERE

It's a strange dynamic. I am kind of happy to be going back to work as that is my "normal" and I will be back to my routine (I have still felt so off kilter because of everything that has happened with Tyler and trying to get life back to normal). I am happy to go back to work but also sad because my time is done with Tyler (aside from the 2 weeks I will have off with him at the end of september).

Another exciting milestone coming up - Julianna starts preschool on September 10th - I am so excited for her! I know she will love it. Every time we drive by the school in the car, she says "There's my school!". We have 'back to school' night in 2 weeks. I will say I'm giddy to get her into school because this is such a special time in her life where she will make new friends, learn new things, experience something else outside of her day to day life!

Here are some pictures from lately...

The community garden 

Community garden with Tyler 

Julianna and Tyler 

 She's such a ham! 

My beautiful belle 

At the community garden

There they are again! 


  1. Julianna is getting so big! And Tyler is adorable. That is pretty nice about NJ baby bonding time. Unfortunately it is also based on your work state :( Because I work in NY my maternity leave was unpaid. Heaven forbid NY state give anything away LOL! Looking forward to hearing what you've been up to!

    1. Yes NJ baby bonding time is really incredible - one of the very few benefits of living here lol! I never thought about if you work in NY but live in NJ like you do that you would not get that- that is a big bummer!!

  2. These children are so incredibly alert, adorable and full of life. They make one smile just to
    look at their pictures sitting together and see their beautiful smiles and know they are happy.

    Glad you wrote. I'm sure we were all wondering about Tyler and how he's doing. Obviously beautifully!

    It is too bad in a way that you have to go back to work already but with your spouse staying home for
    awhile, the caretaker who took care of your daughter, the invention of cell phones, sounds like
    things will go well.

    Your daughter sounds like she is so ready to go to pre-school. She will make friends, learn new
    things and have fun.

    It all sounds good. Best wishes this fall for everyone in your family.

    Best wishes to all of you.

    1. Thank you kathy! I am trying to play catch up lately and get everyone else caught up with Tyler! :)
      Julianna is totally looking forward to school! Us too!

  3. Julianna is looking so grown up--what an exciting time for her...and you guys! That's so cool that NJ gives bonding time to dads too--sometimes I think they get overlooked and they are definitely just as big a part of the new life and changes a baby brings as everyone else!


    1. Grown up is right! We say all the time how big she is getting. Time sure does fly by!


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