Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vacation to Fenwick Island, DE (Part 1)

I finally finished editing my pictures from our summer vacation to Fenwick Island, DE!
Two months too late - oh well! Things get done a little slower around here with 2 small children. Here are the first batch of pictures. For those of you that don't know, Fenwick Island is located about 20 minutes north of Ocean City, MD. We had a fun vacation and will probably end up back there next year, it's a great area for families & kids. Fenwick is quiet and peaceful, yet so close to the Ocean City Boardwalk and tons of other things to do. Most of the pictures below are from the rainy and cooler days we were there. Sunny pictures to come in the next post.

Brian and Tyler on the Ocean City Boardwalk 

Where we stayed (our townhouse is on the right)

Every morning, we had beautiful herons out in the marsh 

I forget the name of this bird, but he was so cool with his long orange beak!

Cloudy & rainy day = bubble blowing day 

View from our bedroom balcony - I love this shot (we brought our boat with us) 

Sibling Love

Osprey nest 

My little girl posing for the camera

Egret Island 

Such beautiful wings

View from our balcony in the morning 

Pepper's favorite spot to sleep 

Happy boy on the bed with Pepper. I just realized he has so much more hair now - just 2 months later! 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful photographs of Fenwick Island, water, sun -- and, of course, the stars, your very cute children.

    And it's also nice that you keep bright colors around them in clothes, even life jackets!


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