Monday, November 3, 2014

Vacation pictures - Fenwick Island, DE (part 2)

OK don't laugh. I have not posted anything since September! With 2 kids and a super busy schedule and working full time, I really just find I do not have the time to blog anymore. I have thought a lot about just stopping cold turkey, but then I thought about why I did this in the first place. I wanted to document my kids & their first few years growing up. It's wonderful to look back at the posts I did when Julianna was a baby and read them. For that reason alone, I will keep up with this when I can. I want them to have a place to go see everything from when they were babies too.

So with that said, here is part 2 of our vacation pictures from this summer in Fenwick Island. Enjoy.
Part One was here in case you missed it.

Daddy & Julianna standing on the shoal that we anchored on in the bay. 

Another view of the shoal - you just pull your boat up and anchor! This was the best! 

Julianna collecting shells - our boat in the background. 

Daddy with Tyler and Grandma.

Tyler with his Shark hat on (Shark-nado!) 

Daddy walking with Tyler... 

Me and Tyler. I am super classy with the beer in hand while holding my son! 

Julianna collecting shells on the sand shoal in the middle of the bay. 

Collecting shells again ... 

Family shot on the boat 

Those folks have clearly done this before! 

Us again 

Julianna writing in the sand

Brian was brave & grabbed a horseshoe crab

Osprey nest 

Tyler playing in the sand! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially the children. Love that shark hat.

    You can purchase shark slippers at Garnet Hill. They also have other animal slippers for children. And online there
    are less expensive shark slippers. A friend bought these at Garnet Hill for her great-grandson and he loved them.

  2. You guys look fantastic. And don't worry... I have a few "beer in hand" pictures while holding Marshall :)


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