Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 things about me lately

1. I feel like a failed mom more often than not. I am way to hard on myself. However I will pat myself on the back for the fact my daughter snacks on fruit, veggies, yogurt and a variety of other healthy foods! Yay us! We were strict from day one about healthy food and stuck to it with the best outcome for her! Tyler will follow in her footsteps.

2. I pray that when my kids are older and they thank someone for being their life's inspiration, that the 'someone' they thank is me. Nothing would make my life more complete.

3. Counting down the days to baseball season - pitchers & catchers have reported. Spring training is here, even though New Jersey is buried in 2 feet of snow & ice and hasn't gotten above 15 degrees in what seems like weeks.

4. I am really working on having as much happiness and positivity in my life (even though some days it is difficult to focus).

5. I have made a mental commitment to photograph more this year and expand my horizons with my camera. I don't pick up my camera much in the winter time - I prefer to photograph outdoors and nature. None of which we are able to do right now due to this horrible winter.

6. Have I mentioned I really hate winter? Sorry, but 2 feet of snow & ice is not beautiful or breathtaking. It doesn't sparkle in the sunlight - it's cold & frozen. It is ugly, cold, slippery and annoying. (Can you tell how I really feel?) I can't even begin to imagine when my boat sitting under the nice white protective shrink wrap in my driveway will thaw out for spring. I used to like winter when I skied. I haven't skied in quite a few years, so I haven't liked winter in quite a few years.

7. I would love to volunteer for the Congenital Heart Coalition here in NJ. I wish I had the time to commit to something like that - I would like to put my time & effort to helping other congenital heart defect families. Maybe once the kids are older and I have 3 minutes to myself. (HAHAHAHA!!!! Will that ever happen?!)

8. I love taking a bath with my babies & they love taking a bath with me or my husband. It's a fun time for them and us!

9. I love my children more than life, but I will be the first to admit I look forward to 8pm every night (their bed time).

10. Brian and I are really focusing on eating healthier and even though we ate a lot of organic before, we are adding even more organic & pure foods to our diet. We are really taking the time to read ingredients on everything and cutting out most things with chemicals of any kind.

Here are some pictures I took outside of our house. It's a very common scene here in the Northeast-


  1. I can say this since I'm a born and raised Floridian...and never see snow like that... Beautiful pics!! :)

  2. Those photographs are beautiful. I don't want to the work involved to dig out your cars and drive for essential reasons. Or to just walk out of
    the house. I'd want to stay home and read and drink tea. But that's not possible for your active family.

    But what comes to mind is gee -- you are way too hard on yourself, like at the holidays, too! Some things just are not priorities; your children obviously
    are, but perfection in everything just is not possible for working women with families, who have to do everything, although albeit with a helpful spouse.
    I do not know how working mothers do it at all. But one thing I have heard is that a lot of things don't have to be done perfectly, and some things
    can just take longer or be done at another time. Or just be made a low priority.

    And you need some time for yourself, somehow juggled in the schedule.

    On the Congenital Heart Coalition, perhaps you could do a few things from home on the Internet or phone. You are an expert at designing
    websites and solving Internet and blog glitches. Can you help them with this or with sending emails? Something you could do for
    14 to 20 minutes one day a week?

    Or wait until the weather is nicer and help with that annual walk, helping with some tasks on the spot rather than in advance so you
    wouldn't have to do more work.

    Please be good to yourself. You're already doing one of the most important jobs on the planet: raising human beings.

    1. THank you Kathy! We have been indoors too much this winter- we are all going stir crazy along with the fact I work from home. Working from home has it's ups and downs... It's great to not commute but it stinks in this weather because you feel cabin fever big time. We've made a few trips to the mall lately to say the least! :) Funny thing (sort of) about the CHD coalition - I am trying to find another heart baby family who really could use little boy clothes- and donate all of ours to them... that is my way of paying it forward & helping out! This year we plan on making our own team for the annual walk - I want this to be big! Every dollar makes such a difference - looking forward to this year's walk! Havea great day!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the comment :)
    ps- where in the Northeast are you? I plan to scan the About you page to see if I can find out.

    Your really shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Your kids look like they're having a great time and love you and you them......that's a MOM WIN!


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