Saturday, March 22, 2014

10 indications our house has been taken over by a preschooler and an infant

In addition to my wallet, sunglasses and lipstick... I now have Binkies, wipes, diapers & Desitin in my purse at any given time. Also a few random toys. An empty fruit squeezy & an apple core.

I find empty toilet paper rolls stuffed in the bathroom cabinet (and could never figure out where the girl threw them out until recently).

Toys have taken over every square foot of our living space (when I swore that I would never allow that to happen, pre-kids!). Oh and let's not forget about the car. With 2 kids, I can truly say that no SUV is big enough, between the 2 carseats, toys, supplies, miscellaneous toys, school projects & food wrappers that collect on the floor in the back of the car. Oh and the ginormous double stroller. Time to move up to a bigger SUV.

Our house has been taken over by giraffes. All kinds of stuffed giraffes. Big ones. Little ones. Fat ones. Skinny ones. The girl has 97 giraffes. She loves them all.

Sticky snotty unidentifiable fingerprints all over my refrigerator, dishwasher, tables, leather sofa, ipad, phone, floor, & clothes. I clean them. They magically re-appear. Hourly. Daily.

Basement storage. We used to only stock up on and store food & supplies in the basement, such as popcorn, pasta, olive oil, tomato puree, paper plates & paper towels. Easy. Now all of that takes a back seat to the boxes of diapers, pull-ups (Yup the almost 4 yr old girl still poops in a pull-up - Just kill me), tubs of formula, diaper genie refills, Aveeno baby wash, baby food, baby cereal, old baby toys, new baby toys, older-baby baby toys, tubs of outgrown baby clothes, tubs of to-be-worn baby clothes, 2 kid bikes and a princess ATV, mounds of laundry the size of snow moguls. We could easily film an episode of "Hoarders" down there. Did I mention the attic full of miscellaneous everything that no longer fits in our house due to kids taking over!

Speaking of laundry. Who knew 2 adults, a preschooler and an infant could generate so much laundry. It's like washing clothes for a family of 10. It never ends. And then there's the folding... Folding of 298 teeny tiny pieces of kid clothing that can fit into the huge front load washer. 59 pairs princess underpants, 31 socks, 14 tiny boy pants, 18 onsies, too many pairs of girl pants, fuzzy PJs, cotton PJs, Hello kitty everything, etc etc... Oh and a pair of my own jeans slips by to get washed every once in a while.

7am is considered sleeping in. Even on the weekend. 7:15 is a super glorious bonus. We were always early risers, but good grief it would be nice to sleep til 7:30 once in a while on the weekend.

95% of the pictures on my phone, camera & computer are of my babies. Not of me and my husband. Not even of the dog. Not of the rest of our family. Not of much else. Just our kids. Why? Because they are beautiful little creatures and I want to capture their every move. They have taken over my heart and soul.

And finally; the tenth indication that the children have taken over our house. Brian and I can sing (and dance to) the entire 'Hotdog song' from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or the theme song to the Octonauts. We can name every cartoon that is on Disney Junior - and whether or not we have seen certain episodes of each show. I quite often hum the Octonauts song when I am alone in the car or working. I can also recite every line from the all 3 'Toy Story' movies and the 'Cars' movie. And what about our adult shows? HA! All I can say is thank goodness for Netflix, 'On demand' and Tivo.

Have your kids taken over your house?

She takes after me. 

Giraffe craziness! 


  1. Again, I am amazed what parents have to do. I'm exhausted just reading about it; the laundry alone would wipe me out.

    Does everything have to be folded, I ask? Can your daughter help with this task yet -- and, of course, I'd suggest your baby later on when he's her age.

    Good that you have a leather couch. This sounds like good planning by parents.

    Your daughter has great taste in animals: Giraffes are fascinating. (I watched a news story showing a baby giraffe being born. Just wait
    until your daughter sees that. Their legs are folded up, and unfold as they are born. And they stand up -- all 6 feet of them! One of my
    favorite animals, too.)

    Cuteness abounds there. Your daughter is adorable. But the baby is so cute smiling like that. Yes -- I would promise him everything
    and give him everything just to see that smile on his face.

    Have a great spring now that you can -- almost, anyway -- go outside and play and visit places and go for walks. Lots of fun ahead.

    Thank you for showing us these beautiful photos. And glad to see your daughter following in your footsteps.

  2. That is a LOT of giraffes! :) As a grandma that takes care of a baby granddaughter all week and has frequent visits form my two grandsosns my hlouse is also over run with baby equipment, toys and snacks--I love it!

  3. I loved this post, Skye. So funny and so true. I actually laughed out loud. Good job. :)

  4. Yes! There was no stopping it. We have WAY too many toys and somehow they keep multiplying no matter how many I get rid of...
    I know you aren't a mini van person, but you should just take the plunge, so much space!!


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