Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Waiting for Spring...

Just like most of the Northeast; we are waiting... and waiting... and waiting... for Spring.
I've been limiting my photography this Winter due to the simple fact, I really don't love shooting indoors. I like warm, nature, and outdoor location shots! There is only so much I can do in our tiny little house all winter for photos of the kids over and over. Since it was so cold this past Sunday, and we spent yet another weekend indoors, I decided to get my camera out and spend a couple hours letting the kids play and taking some shots of them.
Here's what we've been up to while Spring is taking it's sweet old time to arrive.

Tyler has mastered standing and loves looking out of the top of his crib at the world! 

Waiting for teeth ... at 10 months! My gummy boy! 

Pondering the world. 

Squinchy face... he loves making this face. 

Tyler loves to be near his big sister any time he can! 

She loves to ham in up for the camera (on her terms). I didn't even have to bribe her. 

Julianna and her cheesy toothy smile. She is precious and so happy. 

Another toothy smile. I love this girls presence - she can light up a room! 

They play well together (most times) and Julianna shares with Tyler now. I love seeing them interact. 

Snack time & a quick Mickey Mouse cartoon. 

Back to running around like a maniac and entertaining her brother. 
She was running & diving on the sofa while he stood there laughing hysterical at her! 

And finally, we are waiting for spring so we can get this in the water... 
Soon ... soon! 


  1. Just look at those beautiful faces!

  2. Omigosh! Are those happy children or what? If they were any happier, they'd explode.
    They are both adorable and gorgeous.

    Looking at Tyler's face is a validation that the world is a good place -- he is so full of wonder at the world.

    And the photo of them playing together is so cute. (The little ones next door to me fight over toys; the little brother grabs his
    older sister's toys and projects and she screams.) But it seems here like amity and good will prevail.

    Well, those photos just perked up my day.


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