Monday, September 13, 2010

16 weeks - Julianna update

So much to report for Julianna's 16th week!
16 weeks on Sunday 9/12

Sleeping through the night - Julianna is sleeping about 9.5 hours from 9pm to 6:30 am ... she would sleep longer but she has to get up for daycare. On the weekends, we feed her, and put her back down and she'll talk to herself for a few minutes, then back to sleep until 9:30 am. On the weekdays, when Brian brings her to daycare, she ends up going back down for her morning nap at daycare & gets up at 9:30 ... it's breaking up her schedule but there's not much else we can do and it seems to be ok.

Eating - nothing exciting to report. The Pediatrican will let us know next week when we can start with cereal. She eats 6 oz of formula about every 3.5 to 4 hours... last feeding is 8:30 then bedtime - Bedtime consists of Mommy or Daddy reading her a book and then we put her down for bed, and she falls asleep before we leave the room. We are blessed.

Cool Down - Time for Fall! That means time for the fall clothes! She has grown out of her 3 month stuff... she still fits into some 3 month but mostly 6 month (kind of big on her) or 3-6 month now... and long pants and she even got to wear her cute zip up sweatshirt a few days! She looks too cute in her hoodie! I had the task of going through the 2 large bins of 6 month clothes - all new stuff- that is so much fun - I love new clothes!! I love putting her in a new outfit ever day (only because I can- She has more than enough!) - I have a sickness, I know!

Baby Wearing - Brian used our "Baby Carrier" front-pack for the first time, when we walked around the Chester Craft show on saturday... Julianna loved it. She was so cute! She got to look around at everyone and was so happy. She got lot's of ooooohs & awwwwws from people passing by. She fell asleep because she was so comfortable - she loved bonding with and being with Daddy!

Big - Everyone comments on how large Julianna is for her age... I don't see it but who am I to know? Guess we'll find out next week when we see the pediatrician. If I had to guess, she is maybe 14 or 14.5 lbs... that is average. But maybe her big cheeks make her look bigger - haha.

Drool - Massive amounts of it. Yuck! I am always wiping her mouth (yes I am a neat freak!)Guess she is getting ready for her first tooth to come in soon ...

Happy Baby - Everyone comments how happy Julianna is! She smiles at every person and is just so happy. Can't ask for a better baby! Guess it starts with the proud & happy Mommy & Daddy! She is alot of fun now- SHe can hang out with us and just take in her environment around her and loves it all!

Books - Julianna loves when we read to her and it's so much fun. We try to read her a book before bed most nights. We put her in her PJ's, feed her while sitting on the glider in her room, and then read her a book... It's some great quality time, let me tell you!

Here are just some of the books (not all) that Julianna loves ...

Oh and this is the coolest toy - I have to share!
You can clip it onto their stroller, infant seat, pack-n-play, crib, swing, etc etc etc...  I highly recommend it! Julianna loves it.

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  1. All three of you are having such great, unforgettable experiences. No wonder Julianna is happy. ;)


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