Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to school ...

This morning on Facebook, I see that all of my friends are talking about how their kids are starting their first day of school this morning. Some posted pictures... others just posted their status saying it was the first day of school. My neighborhood seems very quiet today ...

I remember how exciting the first day of school was! You had to have that 'perfect' outfit and the 'right' book bag. I remember I could barely sleep the night before! It makes me excited to even think of Julianna going to her first day of school one day... I can picture Brian and I bringing her and not wanting to leave her!

There was so much excitement on the first day back to school ...
  • Racing to the bus stop very early so you didn't miss the bus that ended up never coming on time anyway
  • Finding out who your teachers were- and are they the 'cool' teachers or the 'strict' & 'mean' teachers?
  • The awkwardness of being back at school and having to use your mind again
  • Finding out who was in your homeroom
  • How can I see my friends during the day? Are they in my classes or do I pass them in the hall?
  • Finding out who was in your classes
  • Where your locker was and whose locker was next to yours?!
  • Seeing what new clothes everyone else was wearing
  • Who was driving this year? (in highschool)
  • Who moved away or went to private school and didn't return this year.
  • Hearing about your friend's summer vacations
  • Getting caught up on all the gossip
  • Who was hanging with the popular group of kids this year?
  • Sweating your butts off in your new outfit in the classrooms because there was no air conditioning and it's still hot through the end of September! (Guess the property taxes our parents were swindled out of in NJ wasn't enough to buy a $100 AC unit in each class window!! haha!) - this may have changed and the kids may have AC now but back then, it got REALLY hot in the beginning of the year and at the end of the school year.
  • Who the new students were and sizing them up to see if you could be friends
  • Who is boyfriend & girlfriend ... and who broke up over the summmer
  • Hoping the cafeteria will have something other than "Mystery Meat" for lunch this year
I am sure many things have changed...

I know kids now have to have a large list of specific supplies they are responsible to buy & bring with them... most kids have cellphones now (ugh!)... some towns do not bus their kids (they have to walk!)... there is overcrowding in the classrooms and understaffing in most of the schools (this is what I hear from other parents)... you now have to 'pay to play' for after-school activities like sports & clubs that used to be free in my day...

Since I do not have any children in school, I am not aware of other things that have changed over the years... I can only imagine.

What else has changed since 'we' were in school??
Anyone care to comment that has kids in school now?

Here are some cute extras - Enjoy.


  1. I remember my own times, I even remember a particular pair of shoes I bought for back to school. I LOVED them! Back-to-school is a BIG to-do, that's for sure. Good post, Skye.

  2. It has changed tremendously since back in our day! Yes...the back to school supply list is as long as my arm! Samantha also has to have this very expensive calculator (over $100.00) just to do the math! Some schools (like Liverpool) require the students to have their own laptop. You can buy it yourself or lease it through the school! My kids' schools use Smart Boards now, instead of the old school classic overhead projectors! lol. There are definitely A LOT more fees now that parents have to pay. Pay-to-play sports, materials fees, (Samantha's high school charges $111.00 material fee on top of all the school supplies I had to buy!). The twins' school charges $30.00 a year, so for me it's double that! You also have to pay a fee for joining any kind of club as well. Even yearbook committee! You also need more high school credits to graduate now, a foreign language is required, (no longer an option), and Samantha's school also requires that each student does some type of community service every 9 weeks! The elementary schools are a lot more advanced now as well. I'm glad I went to school back in the old days! Kids have way more pressure now than we ever did. My kids are all happy to be back though. They get bored being home all summer and I go insane! lol. I know I'm happy that they're back! :) I think that they should go all year round. Hopefully one day it will be a law that every school in our country has to attend school year round. America needs to keep up with the ever changing world and competition! I highly doubt Japan or China give kids 12 weeks off for summer vacation! Lol


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