Saturday, November 5, 2011

I love Autumn sunsets...

There is something about the autumn sun that when it sets, it's so beautiful. It is very red,orange, pink & illuminating. One night last week, we had a weird dynamic where some dark clouds were rolling out right as the sun was setting. I drove around our Lake and got a few shots before it got too dark. I had to cut it short because every time I got out of the car to snap a few pictures, Julianna would start crying bawling! She is going through this thing lately where if Daddy or I are out of her sight for even a second, she starts crying. Awwweeee.



  1. What gorgeous photos, Skye! They capture that special light of the autumn sun so beautifully.

  2. thank you debbie - and kimberly!

  3. Rachel - thank you very much! :)


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