Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recent Random Round Up

Pretty wildflowers at the Pumpkin patch we visited last month

Our little Pepper resting on her 'perch' next to the picture window where she gets a great view of all walkers, joggers, squirrels, dogs being walked, the mailman, the UPS man driving by, and any wildlife.

Julianna in the tub! She loves to try and drink the soapy water now (see her chin).

Daddy & Julianna having fun in the mirror after bath time!

Rainy fall day 


  1. She looks like her daddy a lot when she makes that face :)

  2. Heather- thank you! Yes she sure does. She looks way more like him than she does me! :)

  3. She is so cute! Harry likes to bite the bathwater too--I'm always torn between laughing and telling him not to! :)


  4. Carla - Yesss what is it about bathwater that is so tasty?! Blegh! haahaa! It is pretty funny b/c she looks up and giggles. How can I tell her not to do it? LOL


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