Tuesday, April 3, 2012

M.I.A. for a few days ... Here's what you missed ...

Last night my husband reminded me I have not blogged in a while. I thought about it... and he was right! It's been over 10 days. Wow. Guess I just needed a break. We also were on a mini-vacation too. We visited my in laws in South Carolina. They live outside of Charleston, South Carolina. I have always wanted to visit Charleston, so it was exciting to go visit!

The drive down was 12 hours... with Julianna & Pepper dog in the car. It went really well actually. Thank goodness Daddy installed the DVD player before we left. It was a life saver. Julianna watched Shrek, Toy Story 1 & 2, Gnomeo & Juliet, Alpha & Omega, and Finding Nemo. Toy Story is by far her favorite!
She only got super antsy about an hour before we got to Grandpa's house. Who can blame her, we were antsy too! We stopped for bathroom breaks and lunch, but that was about it. Julianna has always been a good traveler. We have been taking her on car trips since day one. She does well with it because she's used to it!

I will be doing a separate post of pictures from Charleston. There were so many good ones, I might break it into 2 posts! If anyone gets the chance to go to Charleston, please go! It is gorgeous there. So much history and so beautiful!

So.... here's some 'other' stuff going on as of late...

Getting used to my New Friend ...Luvvvv it!

Went to the Easter Egg Hunt with our friends. 
(That's my husband on the right, and Jake's mom Nicole on the left. Our kids are 3 weeks apart!) 

Found her first egg at the Easter Egg Hunt. First of 2 before running for the swings and the eggs were forgotten about! 

... And loving the swings she was... 

Sat on the Easter Bunny's lap. What's an Easter Egg Hunt without the Easter Bunny? And Julianna did NOT cry. BONUS. 

Loved the balloons!

We call her Hollywood

Wiggled her toes in the sun...

Saw some pretty flowers

That's it for now. Hope you are all having a great day!
Check back in a few days for some great pictures of Charleston, SC!


  1. I love that shot of the bare feet...cute!

  2. Great blog as usual! Sunday was so much fun and thank you for the amazing pictures! I love the feet picture too!

  3. 1. she KILLS me with her sunglasses! she is too cute!!

    2. we are taking a drive down to virginia beach at the end of next month and i am scared, to say the least....i'm pretty relieved to hear julianna tolerated your trip well. did you guys have to make a lot of stops along the way for her to stretch her legs and run around? Ben gets crabby enough on our daily commutes, but i'm hoping a dvd player will help...yikes.

  4. I LOVE the picture of her in the red shirt with her HOllywood glasses! So stylin'! And I think you guys are amazing to do a 12 hour drive--seriously, kudos to you all!!



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