Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy days

We had some furious rain here over the weekend, but it was much needed. Our lake was down over a foot, there are brush fires all over... and it had been super dry up until this weekend. I think we got a couple inches of rain overall.
I was outside with the dog while it was misting and noticed how the rain was 'dewing' up on some of the plants, so of course I ran inside and got my camera to take some photos. I hope none of my neighbors saw me squatting down on our gravel driveway taking pictures of weeds, or they might think I am nutty. Well, let's face it, I am.
I took these with my 50mm lens... and then cropped close when I edited them. I am really hoping for a macro lens one day...that could be a lot of fun!

You know I always need to add a picture of my little petunia! 


  1. oh she is getting big! I enjoyed the rain this weekend.

    Hope your having a good week.

    1. thanks! Yes it was needed for sure! Yeah she is getting big alright! Whooo!

  2. Awesome pictures! I'm so glad you've pursued this passion because I love looking at your pictures!

  3. GORGEOUS pictures! I need to remember to actually try to take pictures of things OTHER than my son sometimes... hah.

  4. OMGodness... those curls & THAT face! Such a doll face!

    Girlfriend, I would have totally thought these were taken w/ a macro. Really beautiful focus, gorgeous shots!!

  5. She is so sweet.

    I love the photos with water drops.


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