Friday, April 6, 2012

Our trip to Charleston, South Carolina * Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, Brian, Julianna and I visited Brian's family in to Charleston, South Carolina. Brian's father moved right outside of Charleston a few months ago. This was our first trip down there and our first time visiting the Charleston area. It's such a beautiful city.

My in-laws live about 20 minutes outside of Charleston - so they are not in the touristy area, but within perfect driving range of the beach and historical areas. Charleston is historical and unique in the fact that they do not let anyone knock down buildings in the city. The buildings must be restored or if they get knocked down, they must be replicated & built exactly to the way they were. It makes for such a historical, beautiful, and colorful area. Go there if you ever get the chance to! We took a walking tour while we were there - I highly recommend doing some kind of a tour when you go there to learn about the history.

We went to a street fair at Folly beach.
My husband & Julianna on the right, Brian's brother Jacob to his right, and their dad to his right. 

Folly Beach 

Daddy & Julianna walking on the beach 

Julianna is happy as long as she has her giraffe with her! Even on the beach! 

Historical buildings in Charleston

Typical side street in Charleston

Amazing iron gates at every house & building. 

Lot's of cobblestone streets there! 

Horse & carriage tours are everywhere there. We will take one of those once Julianna is old enough. 

I'll post Part 2 later on this weekend. 
Have a fabulous Easter weekend everyone! 

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