Monday, July 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

It's Miscellany Monday.
Well, technically for me, it's kind of like Wednesday since I have off from work this Thursday & Friday. I got "MM" idea from my friend Kimberly over at "Kimberly's Korner". She does a Miscellany Monday post just about every Monday and I enjoy reading it! Anywho, here are my miscellaneous things I have for today.

1. Carnival rides. We discovered that Julianna loves to go on the rides at the amusement park or carnival. She can't get enough of them! She has been on the carrousel before but that's it. She went on the firetruck ride, the planes that go around & around, and the carousel at the boardwalk when we were on vacation. She LOVED It. After vacation, we went to a local carnival and she went on the fire truck ride there too... and went on the Dizzy Dragon (like the tilt-a-whirl) with Daddy... and the big slide with Daddy. That slide gave me 3 heart attacks watching her go down, even though she was with Daddy! It's just a mom thing I guess. We worry. A lot.

She ran out from the ride screaming "Again! Again!" 

Dizzy Dragon. She loved it! She reminds me of myself when I was a kid. I loved all the rides! 

2. Fishies! Julianna has always liked fish. We can't drive by a lake without her saying fishies. We go into the pet store and she is saying 'fishies' over and over. She is fascinated by Kathy's (her daycare provider) fish. So I knew it was just a matter of time before we got fishies. I grew up with fish and I always liked having them so why not?!
Except... we didn't expect to win them at the Carnival at 8pm last Saturday night. Daddy won her 2 fishies... and so it began. We left the carnival to make a quick trip to Petsmart for a starter tank, food, chemicals, filter, etc etc... That was Saturday night. The fishies were gonner's by Thursday morning. Bummer. Julianna said hello to them every morning and ran up to the tank saying "Fishies fishies!!".
So..... we made the trip back to Petsmart and got a nice goldfish - cross your fingers this one makes it. I think he'll do OK since he is not a 'Carnival" fish. We even got him a little cave and some trees. He seems happy. Julianna loves him. Luckily she probably doesn't know the old ones are gone and this new one took their place.
Carnival fishies in the bag. 

3. The Sand. Julianna hates the sand and the ocean. Last year she liked the beach. This year... we weren't so lucky. She hated touching the sand... refused to walk on it even with water shoes on. Then forget it, we took her by the ocean and she had a major meltdown - she was terrified of the ocean - hated it. OK good thing we went to the beach on vacation - haha! So to avoid any further meltdowns, we figured out a way to make her happy. We set up our tent with the blanket and chairs so she could sit & play in the sun or shade without touching the sand. Perfect. We sit her on a boogie board to play with her sand toys. It's not the ideal situation but it works until she likes it next year. (I dreamed of her running on the beach with me taking photos of her. Dream squashed.)

Hates the ocean. Poor thing. She doesn't know what she's missing. 

Happy Julianna - She is OK as long as she is sitting on the boogie board NOT touching any sand. 

Julianna's "Non-sand" set up on the beach. 

4. Holy Shopping Deals! I discovered these 2 amazing shopping sites recently. They are and They have all high-end and designer stuff - clothes, purses, sunglasses, shoes, kids toys... for adults & kids of all ages... etc. for like half price or better. The catch is, the items are only available for a couple days and/or until they're sold out. They send you a daily email for what's new. I just adore their kids stuff - amazing! Check it out even if you just window shop most of the time like me! It's still just as fun.

5. Yankees. My NY Yankees are on a tear! Ok well, maybe they didn't do too well against the Oakland A's this weekend but... they are still 8 games up in first place (it might have changed by one game by the time this publishes). I am a happy camper and hope to get to another game soon. Maybe August.

That's it for now - Have a super-fabulous Miscellany Day! 
Vacation Pictures - Part Two coming up soon. In case you missed it, HERE is Vacation Part One. 


  1. love the beach pictures and that Julianna doesn't like the sand. They are so cute!

    1. thanks kimberly - as you can see she hates it LOL... oh well better luck next year!

  2. What a fun carnival!! We went to a small one recently, but the carousel was the only ride Harry could go on.. He was a little jealous of Kaia going on the others...I think we need to find one with more toddler rides. It looks like Jillianna had a blast!

    1. thanks carla- yes and our state fair is coming up soon - I can't wait for that. It's huge - it has games, rides, vendors, food (lots of food!), animals, farm shows, horse shows, farm animal competitions, bake offs, pig races, etc etc... so much fun - and julianna will love i t too! We also have a local place that is an amusement park for toddlers and a water park - we are taking her there soon.... its built for kids her size! :)


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