Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some random & good stuff

Since I posted the other day HERE about Julianna being the Jule-zilla Evil Spawn ... I felt that I should do a post on some good things going on - just random things - no real order to them.

  • Julianna is loving the pool - She can't get enough of the pool. We have gone to the pool a couple times so far this year and have been to my mother in law's pool. She loves it! Every single day, she asks "Can we go to the pool? Can we go to the pool? Mama ... Poooool. Daddy Pooooool".   She wakes up in the morning and she says "Mama, Pool?" ... We get her in her PJ's, and she asks "Daddy Pool?". I picked her up from daycare today, and she said, "Mama pool?" We drive in the car, and she says, "Mama pool?" every few minutes. Then I have to explain to her, "No honey, we are going to the pool on Saturday, not today". Then 5 minutes later, "Mama pool?".... it's pretty cute how persistant she is. She is anxious to get to that darned pool! 

  • Julianna has gotten pretty good at putting on her own shoes - really good. SHe gets them on the correct feet (most times) and it able to do thread the velcro thing through the hook & loop closure. (Velcro thing?? Well, you know what I am talking about!)  She is getting real good. I tell her to put her shoes on, and she runs for them and gets them on in no time! 

  • Ever since I wrote the "Jule-zilla" post, it's like she knew I wrote it. She has been kissing me and hugging me a lot lately and very Mommy-centric. She has been an angel for 3 days now (unless you count the meltdown after daycare tonight that only lasted about 30 seconds). It's been all about me lately. I had to meet Brian at the nail salon after work the other night to hand Julianna over to him so I could go get my nails done. She cried & screamed "Mama! Mammmma! Mommmmmaaaaa!" like I was handing her off to a total stranger! It broke my heart. I wish she didn't get so sad to leave me lately. It also makes me feel guilty for writing that she was the evil spawn - haha!  

  • This child laughs all of the time. She giggles and laughs. It's so cute! We went to our community garden tonight and she was watching a butterfly, talking to it, and laughing (Maybe it was talking back to her?!) =. She now is starting to laugh at cartoons too. She must really be comprehending the funny kid humor... It's so cute to watch something click with her and then she laughs out loud! 

  • Toddler bed - Her newly converted toddler bed is working out great! She is so excited about bed time. I think she was totally ready for her toddler bed. If we did this 2 or 3 months ago, I think it would have been too early for her. She was ready now. She doesn't get out of her bed at all (except to get another blanket the other night!), and she waits until we come in her room in the morning to get up. She hasn't trashed her room and listens to us when we say "OK it's bedtime now" - and she scurries in her room and hops into her bed. 

  • I have not picked up my SLR camera in over a week. That may very well be some kind of record. I have been using my Iphone for every picture on the go lately, but that will change when we are on vacation soon and I break out the heavy artillery again.

  • I bought a small E-learning session from Clickin Moms about "How to shoot on the beach" - it has some great pointers, so I'm gonna put that to use next week for sure! I hope to come back with some stellar beach photos! 

  • Julianna loves this hat below. The last few days, she has worn it and not taken it off. She paid it no attention for the past month that it's been in her room... then one day she put it on and now won't take it off. 

OK folks, that's it for now. We are off on vacation for a few days... See you when we get back! 
In the meantime, this week - I'll be doing a cool guest post this Wednesday 7/11 .... Check back then! 


  1. Haha mama pool, mama pool! I know what it's like. My toddler wants to drink juice all day. So it's mama drink, mama drink all day long.

    1. They all want something all the time LOL! But we love them dearly!
      With us, it's still MAMA POOL .... all day... every day ..... :)


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