Saturday, July 28, 2012

Beach Vacation - Last pictures, I swear!

OK so I lied. I have a few more pictures from our Beach Vacation in Ocean City, Maryland that I wanted to post. I look at it this way. I really like taking pictures. Why not share them - or they'll sit on my laptop very lonely and un-looked-at.

In case you missed it- Part One of our vacation pictures are HERE.
Part 2 of vacation pictures are HERE.

In my last post, I threw a few of these photos of Julianna at the boat dock. I took a ton of pictures of her that morning. The lighting was nice. It was overcast and kind of cloudy so the sky had a little texture to it at least and not that flat bright white. She was being such a good little model for Mama! Some woman was watching from her balcony and told us how cute Julianna is and how nicely she poses on her own! Haha! 

We watched the geese swim up to the dock. Julianna loves them! 

I love this little girl. Such pretty eyes! (Proud Mama here!) 

Squinty girl at the beach. 

The Ocean CIty beach was very rough this day. The lifeguard warned everyone to stay right by their kids. I think they even had to rescue someone. Luckily Julianna hates the ocean - she won't go anywhere near it! 

On the boogie board. Be careful not to step off and touch the sand- Nooo! Not the evil gritty dirty sand! 

Funny Girl. 

Dinner at Fish tales. This place was not that good - but the best part was Julianna couldn't pronounce it correctly and was calling it Shit-Tales. You have to love her. 

The Sunset at Fish tales. 

I love boats in the water. So pretty at sunset. 

Our last few minutes on vacation ... of course we stopped for ice cream. Or as Julianna calls it: Ice-Skeen! 

That's all folks. Which picture do you like?


  1. I like them all. I never tire of seeing your pictures being a picture person myself I enjoy them so much.

    1. thank you kim!! :) It's fun posting them and sharing with everyone!

  2. Beautiful Julianna (but of course you already knew that!) Laughing at Shit-Tales, that is hilarious!!! Kylie hasn't gone to the beach yet and not sure what her take on the sand would be, I have a feeling she wouldn't like it between her toes. We are only a little over an hour from Galveston, but it's not clean and pretty like other places, so we just haven't taken her yet.

    1. Thank you Alicia! Yeah - shit tales just about made me roll off my chair! It's even funnier b/c she says it so innocently .... and thinks its funny b/c we laugh hysterically. You should try to get to the beach one day when you can - its fun (or not so fun with the sand thing LOL) with our little toddlers :)

  3. We won't make it there this summer, if it was pretty water and sand I would push to go, but it's just not worth it for me! We went every summer when I was growing up, then I grew up and went to The Bahamas a couple of times and now I don't like the dirty brown water in Galveston! We are planning on going around Christmas. Galveston has something called Moody Gardens and they have Christmas lights that you walk thru, plus, lots of shopping in the area! We've been, but never with Kylie and I'm sure she would love it! if we do, then we'll go to the beach to at least walk on the sand, no swimming though in December! Actually maybe next summer we will make it more to your area to the beaches, planning on visiting family in the Philly area, to take Kylie to Sesame Place, and they all have beach houses in NJ.

    1. Well I know what you mean. I would take the bahama's any day of the week over our NJ shore - it's not all that great LOL! Moody Gardens sounds neat! If you come to the NJ area you should let me know - maybe Julianna and Kylie cold meet up! :)

    2. I will for sure let you know if we end up coming to the NJ area, that would be so fun to actually meet in person and let our girls play!

  4. Are you kidding? I love them all! Love that third one down! Julianna's eyes are too pretty! They are hazel right? I am in love with that black and white funny girl shot too; it's amazing! I am drawn towards the one with the green chairs (just makes me wish I was there sitting on one of them) :o) The composition on that last shot is perfect and love his hat. My hubby has a similar one! Oh and I just love love love Julianna's profile!

    1. Thank you!! Yes they are hazel… kind of. She had blue eyes until she was a little older than one and they slowly turned hazel but some days they look blue and other days they look greenish brown – so strange! Oh my husbands hat- he loves that thing - we both have them - we bought those for the beach a couple years ago and we both wear them all the time – good beach hats without being too big. Julianna's profile – I love it too – I think it's such a cute little girly profile. But I'm very biased too LOL!


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