Wednesday, January 9, 2013

21 weeks - more than halfway there!

I am 20 21 weeks pregnant. (I started writing this when I was 20 weeks... oops) 
More than half way there.
Yippee. Yahoo!
I really enjoyed being pregnant with Julianna. Not true this time around. I am feeling better no doubt, but I really just am not feeling the joy this time. It's hard to explain, but this just feels more like a function of life rather than a fabulous experience. I am looking forward to not being pregnant anymore in May.... and thinking thank goodness I never have to do this again. haha! I might actually get you all a pregnancy picture soon too - gasp!

How am I feeling? 
I feel pretty good I must say. A big change from a few weeks ago. I can go about my day to day activities like normal now and eat just about anything. The only thing I can't do is eat a lot. I have to eat really small bird meals or I feel super-duper-bloated. Because of that, I haven't really gained much weight - which is fine because I can afford to not gain a ton of weight this time around. I wasn't exactly 120 lbs pre-baby LOL!

This week.
I feel him kicking a lot every day. Like soccer kicking.
He is about the length of a banana. Great, I have a yellow banana shaped kid...
I am craving chocolate but what's new? I love blue cheese dressing & I also love apples - I could eat 5 a day. Not too exciting in the craving department, huh? Oh wait, I do love my smidgens chocolate ...
No names yet - boys names are hard to choose. NOTHING jumps out at us. We still have plenty of time - no worries.

The most exciting thing is - Julianna is talking about her baby brother for the first time. Before, when I asked her if she wanted a baby brother, she would say "No Mama!"
My husbands sister loaned us a portable swing and Julianna was all over the swing - she kept saying how the baby is going in there. Yay - she finally gets it! We also got our first hand me downs from her as well. I can't wait to go through the clothes and see what's there! This is the fun part!
Julianna got a baby doll from Grandma, and she loves it. She loves feeding it, and wrapping it up in a blanket for a nap. So adorable!! Julianna told us she will help babysit the baby. So cute. If she only knew I might take her up on that when mama goes nuts and runs away leaving her with the baby one day - haha. (OK folks, only kidding!)

I am making a list of some things (MANY things) we need before he comes in May.
One of the things I am splurging on is a carrier. Someone gave me one for Julianna and I didn't care for it- It was not ergonomic and we didn't get to use it that often. This time, since we have a toddler, I plan on using the carrier A LOT more, so it's worth it to get one that is comfortable and won't hurt my back. I have been doing some research and THIS Beco baby carrier is the one I want. I was going to go with the Ergo or the Baby Bjorn but both have it's downfalls (according to the reviews) with either comfort or not being able to use it comfortably with a newborn or not being able to face the baby forward. Then I found Beco. This is totally the one I am going to get. Done deal.

New Years Resolution - I don't like resolutions. I feel like I should be doing things to the best of my ability when I feel like I need to do it - not just on January 1st. So let's call it something else ... let's call it "New and fun things to look forward to".  I am looking forward to shooting my camera more as spring approaches or maybe shooting some more indoors since we are cooped up. I am looking forward to the baby being here. I'm looking forward to Julianna becoming a big sister. I am looking forward to spring and going boating.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I should be posting more regularly as well. (After checking on some of the blogs I visit often, I see I'm not alone here!!)

Oh - I did get a fabulous tripod for Christmas that I will be taking advantage of to do some indoor shooting during these cold few months!!

Coming soon .... my top 12 favorite photos of 2012.


  1. did I miss this? A huge congrats! And believe me, I didn't feel the "miracle of life" so much the second time around either. And then the third time? HAHA. Can't wait to see your preggers photos :)

  2. So glad you are feeling better! J's going to be a great big sister and I'm sure she will be there to help out when you finally lose your mind and run away ;)

    My goal today (as it has been the past week) is to finish Christmas posts and get all caught up! It's been raining since yesterday and supposed to be flooding soon, so it's not like I can leave the house today! Plus, our satellite signal is probably about to go, ugh, going to be a fun, stir crazy kind of day around here :)

    1. Thanks- yeah feeling good enough I suppose. Counting down the minute until I am normal again LOL. I heard it was raining by you on the news today - and flooding expected. Stay safe & dry! Looking forward to more Kylie pictures too! :)

  3. love to read your blog!!! can't wait to see pictures of you with your baby boy bump!!!! J will be a great big sissy!!!!It has been a long time since I was pregnant, BUT I remember not to excited about it.. I was sick also and of course had Rebecca to take care of but try to enjoy this time as much as possible because it goes by fast( even tho it seems like forever)!! May will be here very soon!!! love ya Mrs. G

  4. Wahoo!!! Congratulations!! This is so exciting!! Julianna and her brother will have birthdays so close to each other!! I'm also pregnant...but I'm due in a week and a've done way better at keeping up on your blog during pregnancy than I have. ;) Wishing you another 4-5 months of smooth sailing!!


    1. Carla! Long time no talk/see! Good to hear from you and I think I knew you were pregnant ... but haven't seen much lately from you so I think I forgot - LOL. Good luck - you are almost there! I have been neglecting my blog big time - i need to step it up really. OH well. THanks and hope to see some blog posts from you soon! :)


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