Sunday, January 13, 2013

Some of my favorite things {currently}

Here in NJ, it's very cold, ugly and wintery. I could really use some warm and happy!
Here are some of my favorite things that make me happy.

Nice warm crackling fires in our Wood Stove.
On a cold day or night, Brian will get a fire going, and then at night after Julianna goes to bed, we will sit by the fire and read or talk. It's a enjoyable way to end off the night and stay warm.

When Julianna snuggles with her stuffed animals and tells me she loves her giraffe because he's so soft, it makes my heart melt.

When Julianna gives me an unsolicited hug and kiss - it makes me glow with happiness! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes my day.

Julianna has her favorite books she loves. She likes Clifford (the big red dog) books lately, Tractor books, and Llama Mama books. She wakes up in the morning and reads quietly in her bed, but sometimes we hear her saying "Llama mama! Oh no" while we are laying in bed - too cute!

Snuggling under a big cozy blanket at night watching tv with my husband (and Pepper snuggles with us to keep us warm). Notice a "warm" trend in my thoughts here- I need to be warm - always!

Reading a nice book on my kindle that has nothing to do with toddlers or maternity.

Cooking a tasty meal for dinner for my family - especially in my dutch oven. This Columbian Flank Steak recipe is one of my husband's favorites - Try it if you can!

My Iphone & MAC make me happy. They really do! Sad, I know.

Looking at photos from spring and summer, and thinking we are not that far away from blooming flowers and green grass... and boating. This time of year (winter) really makes me bummed out, and I look forward to warmer weather.... I count down the minutes.

Feeling the baby kick makes me happy. Knowing I am more than half way done with being pregnant makes me happier - hehe.

Hearing that the housing market may actually take an upturn in the NorthEast this year makes me very happy. Maybe we will be able to actually sell our house in the next couple of years!

Reading photo blogs & seeing beautiful photography makes me happy.

What makes you happy in the Winter time?
How do you feel about this font? I'm not sure I like it yet. Kind of squirrely on the eyes.
Here are some reminders of warmer weather....

OK time to go back to Winter now.

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  1. I'm so jealous that you are more than half way done with your pregnancy. That makes me happy for you! We get the winter blues here, too. But we don't have it as bad as you east coasters. Right now it's 38* outside, but two days ago it was 70* at 8am.

    Just think...every single day that passes there is a little more day light outside! AND you are one day closer to meeting your little Mr.

    Also, unsolicited hugs and kisses are the best. You're right!


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