Monday, January 28, 2013

It's really cold and I miss skiing.

Here we are in January again... and it's cold. I really don't like the Winter anymore. It's really darned cold. I am writing this a few days before I plan on posting, but I will tell you it is 6 degrees today. Six. That should be illegal. We live in NJ, not Northern Canada for goodness sake. I really never used to mind the Winter so much, but I also skied for years and I welcomed the cold weather back then, always counting down the days until I could go skiing.

It used to really make Winter very enjoyable. I loved skiing, and I still do. The other night, Brian and I drove by a local ski resort here in NJ (which calling it a 'resort' is really a far stretch considering its all man-made ice, long lift lines and overpriced). After we drove by seeing it all lit up at night, and the skiers walking with their skis to and from their cars... I got a little sad. I remember going to Vermont so many times and feeling the anticipation of arriving at the resort for the first lift line when it opened... being the first one up to the top... skiing on freshly groomed snow. What an amazing feeling- there is nothing like it. I really miss it. I started skiing when I was 25 (yeah kinda late)... bought my first pair of skis at 26, and loved it from the get-go. I loved taking the last run down right before the lifts closed & skiing to the Lodge and relaxing by the fire with a nice mug of hot cocoa... Then you go back to your hotel and take a hot shower, and get ready for a fun night out in a local restaurant... There was always a good steak place (Wobbly Barn - omg!) with a great band to be found.

My favorite place to ski is Killington, VT... it's the best place on the East coast as far as I'm concerned. Brian and I would love to ski out west someday. Oh and - one thing everyone assumes is that when you ski, you're cold. Well, your not. Not even close. You dress in your ski clothes that are completely thermal and insulated. I wouldn't think of going skiing in a lightweight coat or without the proper ski attire. I can assure you, you do not get cold ever if you have the right gear.

A few years ago (5 I think), Brian hurt his knee pretty bad during a work accident. He went through months of physical therapy and more months of getting back to 100% knee usage. We haven't skied since then... and then I got pregnant and we had Julianna. And now... the boy is on his way. I kind of put skiing on the back burner and forgot about it ... I assume now, we won't be going any year soon. Not to mention, it is an expensive sport, I can't even imagine how much a simple weekend in Killington with 2 kids in tow would be (rentals, kid lessons, food, etc)! More than I want to spend you can be sure. Times change. Brian and I talk about once the boy is here, maybe next year having his mom watch the kids for a weekend while we go skiing up in Vermont... that's a nice goal. Start small. Hmmm I wonder if I can even fit into my ski pants??HAHAA that ought to be interesting!

In the meantime, we will enjoy the warm weather when it gets here, boating and (less expensive) family oriented activities. I have grown to hate the cold probably because I miss skiing so much deep down inside. We do also plan on moving south once the housing market here in NJ recovers... so there is a possibility that we may not ski again for a long time.

Do you ski? If so, where have you gone? Do you bring your kids?

Here are some pictures from the last time we went to Killington & Okemo Vermont -
The pictures show a date of 12/08 - Is that really possible it's been that long?? Bummer.

This was the view from the main lot - always loved driving up and seeing this - it got me so excited! 

Me in my cool ski jacket- I wonder if this thing would even fit me now (well, once I have the baby haha) 

Me at the top of Killington. 

Me & Brian. If this was truly 2008, then it was the first winter we were married. I question the dates on these photos since they've been moved from PC to PC several times... it might have been 2006? 

Me again! I love that view! 

Me... so peaceful skiing down with no one around. Love it! 

Here we go! 

Again - the view always made me stop to take pictures. I laugh b/c I had a teeny pocket digital camera then.... WHAT in the world would I do now? I sure would't be able to bring my Canon T2i up there - I would be scared of it getting damaged. Maybe for one run, then stick it back in the locker?? Something to consider for next time... if there's a next time.

Here is the top of Okemo Mountain. 
That day was overcast, but you can see we were above the clouds. It was pretty neat! 

Okemo again. 

Ah the memories.
We have been to Sunday River, Maine as well - but I will say, that was a very far drive and the "Apre's Ski" was not the same as Killington. Killington by far has the best nightlife, food & restaurants!


  1. I've never been skiing. My husband used to go with friends before we met and he loved it and always talks about going again. I just don't think it will happen, honestly I don't know if I would enjoy it or if I'm just at the point that I would be too scared to get hurt! If I would have started younger, i think i would have enjoyed it.

    Leaving the kids with grandparents sounds like a good plan for next year, that would give you a nice weekend away!

    I am not a fan of cold weather, but not real happy with our weather here either. We've had maybe a week total (possibly a little more) of winter temps and that's all. One day tied records for cold, high of 30s for that one day, it was miserable, so cold and rainy. Then the next week back to heat. We've been close to breaking records for heat. It's January and Kylie's wearing a sleeveless dress today, I think the high is going to be near 80. We usually have more winter than this, not the winter like you have, but cool enough for jackets!

    1. I have lost interest in the cold as I got older- if/when we move to south carolina- that is perfect- we would still have seasons - a mild winter and a nice long summer (more boating time!) - can't wait! I bet its nice to be warm in the winter like where you are- but some part of me thinks Christmas time (only ) should be cooler and snowy :) Can't win I guess! Skiing is so much fun I will say- Had I started when I was a kid, I would have been way better as an adult- But because I started as an adult, I never progressed beyond the intermediate slopes b/c i was scared to get hurt- I guess real life makes you slow down & not try crazy stuff. :)

    2. South Carolina will be nice, do you have family/friends there? Christmas should be cool, don't think I've ever had a white Christmas, would love it though! I just wish it was a little cooler now because I know it'll be 100 degrees soon enough and I want a break from the heat for a short time at least! Plus Kylie has long sleeve shirts she has only worn once! Ideal winter weather for me would be jeans and long sleeve shirts or short sleeves with a light jacket, that would be perfect!

      A lot of people seem to lose interest in the cold as they get older. I have aunts and uncles that live in Montana, but around Oct/Nov, they pack up their RV's and head south and they will travel around Texas until around March and then head back to Montana before it gets too hot here.

    3. My father in law lives by Charleston, but we had decided on SC before he thought about moving there even. We don't have much family here - and my mother would probably follow us South....
      We decided on South Carolina a few years ago after almost a year of road trips, research and decisions on what will work for us... in the area of Greenville - it's northwest SC. We want a better quality of life for our family - lower cost of living (NJ is crazy expensive!!) and I don't want raise my kids somewhere that you have to have the biggest house & the biggest SUV on the block (like here in NJ - there is SO much competition for everything - but the jobs are good too - so its a trade off) - and since I work from home, I get to work from home and keep my salary no matter where I live - no brainer :) Now, if only the housing market can come back here so we can actually sell our house without taking a loss! :) We've been here over 8 years and the home values are still on the decline- Northern NJ went through one of the biggest bubbles in 2004-2006. Bummer.
      Your aunts & uncles in MT sound like smart folks- I would do that too if I could! :)

    4. Sounds like that will be a great place for you to live. I always hear how much cheaper it is in the south, but like you said then the salaries are less also. I can't believe the housing market is still so bad there. We had a few years, maybe even 5, where houses just weren't selling and a lot of foreclosures, but things have really improved.

      I understand about the competition, we live right on the border of a town that is like that, we do all our shopping and things there, but Kylie won't be going to those schools. I don't want her to feel like she isn't good enough if she doesn't have expensive clothes, cars, etc!


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