Wednesday, September 4, 2013


"Where have you been?"
I know, I know... I suck lately. I wish I was one of those moms that could do it all - but I am learning that is just simply not possible. I have to pace myself and only do what I can do. I can't be the mythical Super-mom that we all strive to be. Something has to give ... and most often it's my blog that suffers, right up there with my photography as a close second for suffering.

So anyway, what's going on currently? Here you go...

Tyler & Julianna. The Yankees trying to make a come back this season. My husband. Beautiful sunny days we've had lately. Tyler sleeping 10 hours at night. Julianna telling me she loves me and giving me a big hug (unsolicited). Ben & Jerry's Ice cream. The best thing I Love is that my husband was able to take off from work for 4 weeks to be home with Tyler! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm so glad he did it!

Your kidding right? I can't honestly say I'm reading anything right now. That might actually fall under that "Something's got to give" category. I've had several books loaded in my Kindle for a very long time now, maybe one day I'll get to actually read them. Oh wait, I have read some books lately - The Little Blue Truck, The Little Puppy, Tractors, Diggers, Trucks, Llama Mama book, and various kids library books - Yes all are Julianna's books that we read before bed time.

Thinking About:
Stuff we'll do once we have to pull the boat out of the water in 3 weekends. I want to go apple picking, pumpkin picking, take some pretty fall photos of the leaves, Christmas (yes I said it), Brian's birthday, printing and framing some new pictures I took recently, and all of the TV shows I can't wait to see the season premiere of!

Speaking of premieres- I really can not wait to see Greys Anatomy, Nashville, Law & Order SVU, and Parenthood. Sleepy Hollow looks really good too! By the way, if you haven't seen Nashville, you MUST watch it. MUST. I just love it! I loved Smash too - but I was so disappointed it ended last season. I thought it was so well written and great story lines too.

Wishing boating season wasn't coming to an end. Totally bummed out about that. This year, the lake does their '5 year draw-down' where it is dropped 6 feet (slowly) to allow lakefront homes & businesses to repair their docks. It starts on September 23rd and our marina has told us they will be pretty much inaccessible by around October 1st. The party's over. So with that said, we will be thoroughly enjoying the next 3 weekends out on the water!

Making me Happy:
The fact that we are blessed with my beautiful son. My heart is just filled with so much love I never even knew I could have! He is such a happy little boy, like he just knows how truly special he really is! (His Heart story HERE)

Fantasy football sucks. Whoever invented it sucks. Some disgruntled man that hated his wife made it up no doubt. I love football. I love football season. But I hate Fantasy football. For anyone whose husband does fantasy football, I think you know exactly what I mean.
My husband does it - 2 leagues - he was up until about 2am last night with his strategic printouts and calculating all his draft picks. Oy vey. And not even one stinkin NY Giant in his picks. Come on?! He better not pick Tony Romo or he'll be sleeping on the sofa! HAHAHA!
Oh and let's not forget the mock drafts... he's done plenty of those all weekend. I told him that I could pick player names out of a hat for my team and probably win the league. He laughed & agreed.

And Finally:
I really really have been trying to pick up my camera lately. I did a "Day in the Life" a couple weeks ago - which I will be posting soon. I felt inspired then... and I still do. We are going to a local farm that has Sunflower tours - they take you on a wagon out to the huge sunflower patch.. I can't wait to go and take some beautiful (hopefully) pictures!

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