Monday, April 14, 2014

10 things I've learned in the first year of raising a baby with a Congenital Heart Defect

Life throws curve balls when you least expect it. No kidding.

I have slowed down and truly enjoyed the precious moments with my kids. I sincerely enjoy every hug, smile and nuzzle with Tyler. He is a blessing and I thank God every day that he is with us.

I see other parents of children with special needs differently now. I am now part of their club and understand the emotion of having a child with a major medical issue or special needs. (Click here to read Tyler's story) I have compassion and understanding of what those parents have gone through, especially since we have been there. I have learned what 'love unconditionally' means.

I have grown so much in the last year, as a parent, a human and a wife because of Tyler.

I have learned not to judge people so quickly, especially since you never know what is on their plate. I have an absolutely different perspective now.

I have learned not to care about petty things and don't get annoyed as easily (with exception to the couple of months when I thought I was losing my mind when pre-menopause was kicking in! Go here for that story.)

I have learned that being happy & healthy for my family and with my family comes first.

I am grateful for the doctors and hospitals that Tyler has been to in the last year for his Heart Defect and open heart surgery. The doctors were incredible, and we had the best outcome for Tyler's scenario.

I have also learned that the reality of Congenital Heart defect can be death (there, I said it) and I say a heartfelt prayer when a parent in one of my online groups loses their baby to CHD. It breaks my heart in ways that I can't even put into words. I hold my Tyler even closer & say a prayer to thank God for him.

I know my baby boy is on this planet for a greater good. God put Tyler here to do big things.


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  2. This wasvbeautifully written, Skye! I'm so happy that Tyler's COD was able to be successfully reversed with surgery and that he's grown to be a happy and healthy baby. You are so right that the most important thing in life is good health!


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