Monday, April 21, 2014

Favorite recipes

Here are some of my absolute favorite recipes lately since we've started eating a lot 'healthier'.
Eating real {organic}food & healthy doesn't mean you have to give up taste. Go here to see what changes we've made as a family to our lives due to food!  Click Here to read about the small changes I've made lately that are making a big difference.

  • This Chicken Piccata is to die for. I am a huge fan of Piccata anything, but not a fan of the fattening sauce and calories that go with it. I decided to try this recipe half-heartedly because I thought it couldn't possibly be as good as the real thing that I used to make with 8 tbsp of butter and 4 tbsp of olive oil!  Well I was wrong. It was incredible. p.s. this website has some incredible recipes! 
  • I never made or tasted vegetable tacos until I tried this delicious recipe for Roasted Vegetable & Black Bean Tacos. Holy cow these are seriously incredible - and the taste is amazing! I can not say it enough how incredible these are! Try them out. I promise you will love them.
  • If you like buffalo chicken anything - but not the fattening sauce & wings, then you can try this recipe. It is seriously incredible. My husband, who loves buffalo wings, fell in love with these healthy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce wraps. No kidding! Check it out - and you make it in the crock pot, even better! 
  • I have started making my own salad dressings lately. I love Blue cheese and blue cheese dressing. I found this recipe for incredible Blue cheese dressing when I made the above Chicken wraps. Holy moly it is so tasty, creamy and blue-cheesy... and not super artery clogging either! Love it. 
  • We've been trying to eat more fish lately. I found this incredibly healthy & fresh recipe for Flounder Milanese. The arugula & lemon mix makes this recipe. This is the first recipe I used my home made breadcrumbs on. Yum. Make it for your next fish recipe. My husband loved this one too. Well, he likes anything I make! 
  • We've been trying to eat more vegetables as part of our daily regimen. Luckily Brian and I both love salad, so we've been having big salads for dinner at least once a week. This Avocado Strawberry Spinach salad is so full of taste, flavor and color! We put a big star by it for meals to bring on the boat this summer! Oh and the poppyseed dressing is incredible. I make this for my regular lunch salads because it is so good. This is a keeper! 
  • I like rice. Yup I do. Fried rice is even better... but let's face it, fried rice is.... just that- Fried. Not healthy. Well.... guess what. I found this super duper (healthy) Fried Rice recipe that I could just eat every single night. The smell of it cooking alone sold me! Try it - you won't regret it. 

p.s. I am down 25 pounds ... from eating just 'real' food. No low-fat, fat-free, fake sugar, or processed stuff. 

Can you share some favorite recipes or healthy websites you frequent? 
I would love to try some new ones!


  1. I think I'm going to pin a couple of these. I've never had chicken picata! I see a few of your recipes have "low sodium chicken broth" as ingredients. I make my own chicken bone broth and use it in all kinds of stuff. It is super easy to make. After cooking a whole chicken, I put all the bones, skin, and carcass into the crockpot, add 8-10 cups of water, throw in a carrot and couple stalks of celery, then cook on low for at least 24 hours. Then you strain it and keep in the fridge or freeze for later. You can also reuse the bones again to make another batch, but the health benefits won't be as great as the first time. It is a very healthy sub for store bought chicken broth!

  2. Congratulations on that fantastic weight loss and the self-discipline in the healthy eating. So good for you and the little ones.

    I don't really cook, but I often just throw all kinds of fresh vegetables in a pot and heat them up and eat them, sometimes throwing in
    a potato cut up. Also, I eat a lot of Amy's frozen tofu lasagna and other dinners and Organic Bistro salmon dinners. Or I heat up a
    can of Amy's lentil or black bean soup and throw in whatever fresh vegetables I have.

    I've also found a lite (low-fat) extra sharp cheese (sliced) at Whole Foods. I throw a piece of whole wheat bread in a pan, put a
    slice of cheese on top, tomatoes (especially sundried) on top and -- presto, I have a meal with barely any work.

    And I eat a lot of turkey on whole wheat sandwiches. But I buy the packaged Applegate Farms turkey at Whole Foods, and
    it's starting to taste too salty. Where do you find the turkey you are discussing? Is iti packaged or fresh?

    These are easy for me, as I'm not cooking for a family.

    1. thank you! What great ideas for lunch for us! Sometimes throwing stuff together like that can make the best dishes last minute! Yeah I am not crazy about the packages Applegate stuff - that's been a challenge for me b/c the deli section doesn't have any organic cold cuts (kind of an irony anyway!) - they have the uncured stuff in the deli but it goes bad SO fast if it's not refrigerated all the time - which makes me nervous about sending it for Julianna's lunch to daycare. So I am for now sticking with the regular deli stuff until I find a better alternative- I do not care for the taste of any pre-packagesd meats - never have. I do go with the 'all natural' turkey from the food store deli, which I think is slightly better even though it is not organic. The local deli by us has Boars Head- which is the best choice but not convenient to go there to just buy cold cuts weekly. I wish we had a whole foods or earth fare market here!

  3. I wouldn't trust turkey in a lunchbox for a few hours. My sister once got very sick from a holiday turkey we had left out for a few hours. So I don't trust it.

    Another thing about eating Amy's tofu (or vegetable or cheese) lasagna is that I throw vegetables on top of it, fresh or frozen broccoli, and then eat
    it in the sauce. I like the tofu lasagna as I can't taste the difference and it's lower fat than the others. For children that's not a problem, but for those
    of us counting LDL's and so on, it matters. (Many of my older than middle-aged friends are on Vegan or Vegetarian diets for this reason.)

    Friends also make salads and just throw in canned chickpeas or canned beans.

    Anyway, happy mealtime!


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