Monday, September 20, 2010

What do I love?

I love ...

When Julianna looks at me and smiles

Snuggling with Julianna

My husband

That Julianna sleeps through the night - 9.5 hours

Morning Coffee

My Hair - Yup I am one of the few.

Clinique Under-eye cream and moisturizer - The best!

Baseball games

Birds chirping in the Morning

Crisp Autumn Mornings & all the beautiful leaves changing colors

That my daughter is so happy & smiles all the time

When my dog Pepper curls up next to me and makes happy noises as I pet her

Baby Animals



My Blackberry - can't live without it

Crystal Clear Blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean


Shopping - for Julianna

Photographing my daughter

Baby clothes - especially PJ's


What things do you love ??


  1. Hello! I just saw your comment on my blog and wanted to say hi! Thank you for all of your kind words you left. I'll be reading your blog also :) You're daughter is absoultely precious by the way!

  2. Oh Mom - Stop. It wasn't meant to leave out things on purpose!!

    Aimee - Welcome! :)


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