Friday, January 27, 2012

{Attempt at a} Self Portrait

Project 52 - Week 4 -  Self Portrait

I have been participating weekly in "My 3 Boybarians" Project 52 challenge. I don't think I like the way I did this week's photos .... But it is what it is right? Better luck next week! This week's theme is "Self Portrait".

I love when other bloggers do the 'self portrait' thing by taking their picture in the mirror with their own camera. So I decided to try it. Perhaps I should have googled a tutorial on this first. Here are some of my attempts. Don't laugh.

I really need to learn how to smile. 

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P52/week 2 - Made with Love
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project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge


  1. Haha...that expression in the first one is priceless! Perfect!


  2. I just wrote a post about how it's important to take self portraits. I don't necessarily "like" to take them either, but I absolutely love when other bloggers do - so I figure I need to, too! I like your selfies I think they're awesome!

  3. I laughed when you said don't laugh. I hadn't even seen your pictures yet. Haha. It's so funny how self-conscious we all were. These are great. I like all three, but that last one is SHARP! Crystal clear!

  4. I like how you included a few of your attempts! I didn't even attempt taking a "portrait" portrait because I knew I would be too self-conscious. Thanks for your comment as well. :)

  5. I totally laughed! The expression on your face in the first is priceless. Great series.

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  7. I like it! I feel like looking at your own 'selfie' is always awkward for yourself. Not at all for other people.


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