Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So much for Winter... at least for one day!

Last year, this time, we had about a foot or more of snow on the ground and were right in the middle of several rounds of repetitive snowstorms, cold and misery. Blegh.

So far, this winter, we have had no snow (except for that freak 16 inches on October 30th!). This past Saturday was 59 degrees and gorgeous. Was it really January? Oh well, I won't ask "Why?", I'll just take as many of those days as I can!

We took full advantage here and went to the park. Julianna could not really run around too well last time we went to the park 2 months ago, and she was very shy about exploring on her own. Not Saturday. She was running all over, climbing on the jungle gym, swinging on the swings and having so much fun!

I even met another "Mama-razzi" in the park that takes as many pictures as I do. We had a fun time talking about cameras & kids while we pushed our daughters on the swings. I hope to run into her again! She was very cool!

"Mom, I'm having so much fun!" 


"Come on Mom ... Let's go over here" 

Hello there!! 



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