Monday, January 16, 2012

Stickers, books & coloring ... oh my

I am so thrilled! Julianna is loving books, crayons, coloring books & stickers lately!

I thought she might be a little young for stickers- but NOPE, she loved them from the minute we introduced them to her. She just can't get them un-stuck from the sticker book initially - she hands them to us to lift up a corner for her. She sticks them on her hand, on our hand, on the sofa, on the dog, on the floor.... you get the idea.

She also loves to color with crayons. This makes for a great combination when we go out to eat. Some crayons, a coloring book and stickers go a LONG way to keep her busy. And goodness knows, she is that age where keeping her busy is soooo imperative for Mommy & Daddy's sanity! If you are a parent, then this is nothing new to you... we all know crayons & stickers = happy {busy} child!

Sticker book trance. 

She loves her Disney-Princess sticker activity book- the kid carries it around with her everywhere. 

"Ahhhhhh..... stickers"

Julianna also loves to flip through several colorful books that she has. One of her favorite books is called "A color of his own".
 She loves the bright colored animals in here and looks through this book over & over {and over & over....}

Yes... my child adores the binkie with the tether thingy attached. It just hangs there. 
It makes her happy... not sure why the dangling tether is so awesome but she likes it that way. Odd child. 

She also loves  this Richard Scarry book too that Nana gave her! 

What book does your toddler love? Does he/she like to color or play with stickers too? 


  1. It's so funny but some of my FIRST memories are of playing with stickers. I LOVED them! I love that you capture all these future memories for your little one :)


  2. Stickers are a GREAT idea! I love that they are coloring now. It's one of my favorite things to do and now I have an excuse to lie on the floor and color a page. hehe.

  3. My son and daughter both LOVED Richard Scary books when they were little and they both had this one! My daughter loved colorforms, which were like stickers, but could be re-used over and over.

    My older grandson just gave up his "poppy" (what he called his pacifier) right before he turned three years old. He won't give up his favorite blanket soother as yet, but that's ok, no rush. :)

    Thank you for your kind words of condolence -- they were very comforting to me.

  4. Oh, how fun! I can't wait for Mason to start coloring and stop eating the crayons!

  5. Oh, I remember those days of stickers, crayons and storybooks. She looks so content with them! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

  6. Awww... these are just adorable! A child & a book is a beautiful thing.

    LOVE the last shot especially.

  7. Isn't it wonderful that you ,can hand her a pile of papers, crayons and stickers, and she is happy?!!! Harry has also reached this point and I love it! His favorite book right now (actually, it seems to be Kaia's favorite too!) is Yummy, Yucky. He pays such close attention to it...probably because he has sampled everything labeled yucky (except the pet stuff...we don't have pets)! Hope you're having a great weekend!



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