Thursday, January 26, 2012

Julianna is 20 Months Old

Julianna is 20 months old! (OK so I am a few days late with this...) Time is sure flying! I haven't posted her "milestones" in a couple months - but thought I should since I will be printing off the second year of this blog as a book like I am doing with her first year!

Some cool things Julianna is doing lately:
  • Running & climbing 
  • Climbing & running & climbing & running (You get the picture, right??!) 
  • Mesmerized by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Kung Foo Panda.Yes, we let her watch TV while we get ready in the morning - Don't judge. {GASP!!! Bad parents!!} 
  • Feeds her dolls & her stuffed animals with a bottle  
  • Eats nicely with a fork and starting to eat off a plate  
  • She can stack about 6 - 7 blocks (very meticulously, I might add)
  • She can point to all her body parts when you ask her to. We ask her "Where are your ears?" and she points to them. 
  • Walks up & down stairs with some help 
  • Obsessed with throwing away garbage in the garbage can - if she sees the littlest piece of paper on the floor. She picks it up and puts it in the garbage (Yay! We have a neat-freak kid!!) 
  • Points to pictures in a book when they are named (Show mommy the doggy - and she points)
  • She has many names for our dog Pepper. None of which are" Pepper". 
  • She just got a new pair of shoes in size 5.5 
  • She is wearing 2t or 24 month pants .... and 2t shirts, but could easily fit into 3t shirts. The kid is tall! 
  • She colors & draws a straight line 
  • She only says about 10-12 words, but she does put words together like "Hi Mommy" or "Hi gahhhh" (Pepper) or "There's Shwee!" (Shwee is binkie)
  • Yes, she still has a binkie. I really need to put an end to this soon. 
  • Follows directions like a champ! She understand pretty much everything we tell her or ask her to do. This blows my mind! 
  • She likes to run through the house naked after her bath now 
  • Loves to flip through books and enjoys all the pictures and points to them on each page, especially animals. 
  • Plays hide & seek or Peekaboo with us 
  • Imitates everything we do! (Cleaning!! Yay!) She helps clean up after dinner; she puts her fork & bib in the sink (Ok, so we pick the bib out later- it's alright).
  • She is VERY independent lately- wants to do everything herself. *sigh* 
  • We are trying to teach her yes & no - but we aren't having luck yet 
  • Julianna is a good eater. Some of the food she likes: chicken, beef, fish, any fruit, yogurt, cheerios, rice & beans, pasta, cereal, toast, eggs, milk, cheese, and the list goes on. We do not give her fruit juice or any candy or sweets really - aside from the occasional ice cream when we eat out for dinner. 


  1. It's amazing how big the kids have gotten. I especially loved reading this post to see what Julianna is doing!!

  2. 20 months?!!! No WAY! Oh my goodness, it flies, doesn't it?! I'm ready for a new baby around here; TT is growing so fast!

    I love your gorgeous b&w, and the trees in the background are be-autiful!!! xoxo

  3. Happy 20 months Julianna! You're sounding quite grown up! I had to laugh at the trash line--Harry loves to find trash, announce "Trash!" and throw it away! I love it!


  4. thank nicole! Yes, they are getting big! Pretty soon they will off to college! Ahhhh!!!

    Carla - thank you and I am happy for you that your Harry is a trash-picker-upper too! A neat kid! Yayy! :)

  5. What a big girl J is now!!!!! There are so many things that her and K are both doing, I love how they have always been pretty much on track with each other. I need to do a post like this also, mainly so I can look back at it later and see what she was doing at this age. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is great isn't it?! I just recently found Bubble Guppies, I think it's on Nick Jr. and Kylie loves it. Yes, we let her watch tv, we all need a break sometimes!

  6. Alicia - I know, they are growing so fast. It's scary! We have not seen Bubble Guppies, but making a mental note to check it out - Please, we let J watch TV too - but it's not like we let her sit in front of it all day. We do it to keep her busy if we have things to do in the house. It works for me. LOL! I think we all do it!


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