Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday - recent stuff

Some recent photos... not much to say today. Just some pictures. Enjoy.

Julianna snuggling on the floor with her favorite blanket. 

Julianna loved petting the duck at the GardenFest in town. 

Brian (my husband) with his "Square foot gardening frame". (For our garden plot in the community garden in town) 

Daddy & Julianna walking back to the car after planting in the garden... 

My pretty girl. 


Brian watering our garden plot at the community garden. 

Very proud of our rosemary. 

We belong to an Organic community garden in town ... 
For us, it's much easier to grow vegetables in a big fenced in area than in our own yard where were back up to woods and we have plenty of visiting bears, deer, squirrels, groundhogs, etc etc.... which all eat any vegetables we attempt to grow.  Now we can grow what we want and not worry about it being eaten before we get to pick it. My husband is very into growing his seedlings and planting everything in order , making sure everything is just so. Julianna and I will be happy to come and pick everything when it's ripe. My recent POST about the Garden is HERE


  1. Gorgeous photos, as usual! I need to stop by more often... every time I visit she seems to have changed/grown so much!

  2. Wow! Julianna looks so beautiful!!! Such a big girl!

  3. OMGodness! LOOOOVE the pics of your darling girl. They are just beautiful pictures, she REALLY could not be cuter!

    How cool to have a little spot in a community garden!

  4. Your Juliana is so pretty and I really love that black and white picture .. utterly gorgeous x x x

  5. Hi Kelly-Marie! THank you so much! Thanks for coming over! My husband loved that BW too :)


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