Thursday, March 21, 2013

28 weeks! Hello 3rd trimester!

{Fast forward 3 weeks!} OK so I attempted to start writing this when I was 28 weeks and then some other things came up (like my father passing away) and it kind of put stuff on hold. So as of this week, I am 31 weeks pregnant, that's well into my 3rd trimester. I have 8 weeks left- hooray! Yeah it's the home stretch! I am counting down the minutes.

How far along:
31 weeks. Here's your picture! (which I might add is one of the single most horrible shots I have ever taken of myself - but needed to do it fast and get er' done!)

Size of baby: 
He should be about 16 inches long - and 3.3 pounds - and about the size of a large cabbage (according to babycenter)

Weight gain: 
Total weight gain has been 6 or 7 lbs up until right now. The reason being is I lost 8-9 lbs in the first trimester due to how I felt like dog ass for about 8 weeks. So I gained that loss back slowly and now I am up a few more here & there.

Maternity clothes: 
Um yes - of course. And some of them are getting a little short in the front- Ugh! I remember this from last time, I always felt like my belly was hanging out on the bottom for the last few weeks- haha!

Bloating still. I really can't wait to eat normal again.
Feet aching during the day. Bottoms of heels throbbing at night so much that it wakes me up.
My hips still feel like they are going to separate from my body at night when I sleep. It must wake me up 10 times at least.
The carpal tunnel I had in my right hand seems to have gone away. I am drinking a ton of lemon-water, which the midwives told me can help the symptoms. Sure enough it did (or I like to think it was helpful).
I am now having some crazy hard pressure in my uterus (he's getting bigger!) any time I stand up. It doesn't hurt like cramping - but I need to get up slow - and my husband looks at me like "Oh my god, what can I do for you??" He feels so bad and asked me "When will this start to get better?" and I was laughing saying, "In about 8 weeks!" hahahahahaa.
Heartburn - Heck yeah - in full force. Praise Zantac - I am taking it daily and was given the OK to do so. Tums do not do anything for me other than leave a nasty metallic taste in my mouth. Blegh.

Ummm... Not much. We do get out on the weekends and walk around when we can. That's about the extent of it since it's been cold, icy, rainy & crappy out lately. Yeah, I am a lazy thing. By the time I get to night time, I am dead tired and I move like a 100 year old lady!

No major aversions right now other than super-deep-fried greasy food. I couldn't eat a big greasy burger or steak now - no way. Mexican doesn't thrill me either.
Red Grapes. Oh yeah - I Love em!
I am over the craving for Lucky Charms - too sugary and I think I may have OD'd on them - haha! However, I am in love with Ice cream - mostly Ben & Jerrys or Hagaan Daaz (Mmmmm!!) - I must have my daily fix of Ice Cream! :)

Kicking like a crazy boy! I see legs & butt sticking out now - haha! Brian likes to feel him move around. He is amazed that I am not up all night feeling this kid move! I guess I'm used to it. He moves around more after I eat ice cream and after something salty (like the pastrami sandwich I had the other day lol - you would have thought he was trying to get out!!)

Some nights I sleep great, and other nights I get up to pee, and just can not get back to sleep. For a few nights last week, I was up listening to my daughter coughing all night. Ugh. Other nights, I sit up worrying about stupid stuff that I probably shouldn't be worrying about at 2am!

Gender: Still a boy. Can't decide on a name yet- this has been harder to choose this time around. Girls names were easier for us. Boys names- not so much. We have 8 weeks- we'll choose something by the time he's born.

Looking forward to:
Not being pregnant any more. Having him here and seeing Julianna interact with her baby brother. She's very excited to meet him and always talks about him. We went to the doctor a couple weeks ago, and she thought we were going to bring her baby brother home that night - haha! (Um nope, that needs to wait!)

My hormones have calmed down and I am not keeping myself up at night worrying about everything anymore. I am finally not hating life so much and happy about the pregnancy (if you recall, I mentioned I was miserable for soooo long- not because we don't want another child, but just because I was hating being pregnant and not all happy joy joy about it - but that is MY personality + hormones totally!)

What's different this time: 
Lately - the weird throbbing heel pain I get every night while I sleep. Never had THAT before!

None that I can think of other than I am too old for this - haha.

Best moment this week: 
Realizing that the best is yet to come. Julianna loves feeling mama's belly and she kind of gets (maybe) that the baby is in mommy's belly kicking. She keeps wanting to buy something for the baby any time we go into the store!

Something that bothers me:
There is some kind of thinking that your 1st child has to be potty trained before the 2nd baby comes along. I could care less. It will happen when she's ready and not a minute sooner.


  1. Skye,
    Have you considered getting a maternity belt to help hold up your belly to help with the pain? I had to wear one most of my second pregnancy because it was so painful. I think I gave mine away, but could look in my attic for you if you want. Just let me know!

  2. You made me laugh so hard with the 'Dog-ass' comment. I really am sorry that you felt so awful...I can relate. But, it was hilarious because it was such a perfect description of evil morning sickness and pregnancy pains in general. I wish you could know how truly excited I am for you guys. 8 weeks seems so close! It sounds like Julianna is getting so excited...she's gonna be a great big sister.

    P.S. I hope it warms up for you all soon.

  3. Looking good! I can't believe you are already this far along! I'm sure it went by slower for you though! Overall, it sounds like you are doing great! The heel throbbing doesn't sound fun and I'm sorry it keeps you up! At least you get to eat ice cream right ;o) I used to love when Alivia would kick at night. It was always at night when my head hit that pillow (it was the funniest thing)!


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